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Groovy Wire Tidy

Stop feeling like you're missing Bolognese Sauce behind your TV set
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Simple idea for TV or Video manufacturers to take up.

At intervals along their power/speaker cables, provide movable(slide-able) plastic disks (approx 2-4" in diameter) with a number of narrow tapered radial cuts in them.

Gently press all those dangling video/Hi-Fi cables into the grooves to keep them from getting tangled up.

(Retrofittable solution: Take a number of plastic cups, and slice 6-7 cuts down to the base of each. Open them out. Drill a whole in the centre of the bases (and a cut to allow them to be attached to cables)

Dub, Jan 11 2006

what's this little gadget for? http://www.thinkgee...tronic/77e6/images/
sorry, consumer advice. [po, Jan 12 2006]

The image that popped in to my head http://unimaxsupply...instruct/gagwhl.jpg
But, the slots would be deeper and uniform in size [half, Jan 12 2006]


       Oh yes, I need something ,even if it's cable ties.If it comes with the product even better. [+]
skinflaps, Jan 12 2006

       The plane of the disk is basically perpendicular to the wire on which it is attached (and the other inserted wires, for that matter)?   

       I think the 2-4" diameter is throwing me off. That sounds pretty large for what I'm envisioning.
half, Jan 12 2006

       [half] yes. I wasn't sure about the size... Big enough to not be fiddly, i.e. not too small.
Dub, Jan 12 2006

       [po]It look's like a mini-flexible-n-way extension socket... as opposed to those blocks of sockets you usually get.
Dub, Jan 12 2006

       [half, link] A wire gauge?.. yup, more or less exactly what I was thinking of (and why I described the plastic cup cheapo alternative - I wish I'd thought of that)   

       //the slots would be deeper and uniform in size // tapered to allow for different thickness cables - one per slot > V <
Dub, Jan 12 2006


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