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Guessing Gum

A guessing game with gum
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You buy a pack of gum in your local supermarket, only you have no idea of what type of gum you've bought. Each piece has a plain white wrapper, labeled with just a number. The variety of natural and artificial flavors would rival jelly bellies (not just your run-of-the-mill fruit flavors, but also things like anchovie, feta cheese, eggnog, wasabe, etc.) You guess the flavor after chewing a while, then if any doubt remains, you can log onto a website, and enter the number on the wrapper to discover what you've been chewing. Would cost a bit more than Trident, but would be good fun from time to time.
Darwinta Clause, Jun 26 2004

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       Sounds exciting to me and I don't see why it would cost more. Manufacturers could also use this method to test new flavors. Chewers log onto the web site and enter the number together with their guess what the flavor is and their opinion about it.
kbecker, Jun 26 2004

       I like this idea. I could see myself being a loyal fan, just out of curiosity. Not sure about some of the nasty flavors listed above...I say it would be nice for those to be included, but they should be packaged few and far between. [+]
Pocketassreturn, Jun 26 2004

       Its a great idea, but its exactly like those Harry Potter jelly beans, with a system to figure out what the flavor is.
Azryll, Jun 27 2004


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