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Indestructible Gum

Using advance plastics, modeled to have natural "gum" like feel and texture, is really a flavor dilivery device. Delivers flavor through concentrate, last for over 24 hours!
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Small soft durable plasitc which holds flavor concentrate , can be chewed like gum (and swallowed, without ill effects) dilvers flavor using an osmotic processs, for over 24 hours. Flavors can be cycled through a series to prevent taste buds from becoming insenstive to the flavors.


ddn4, Jul 18 2002


       I'm not sure I follow how this osmotic flavour delivery system works, or how the gum prevents taste buds from becoming insensitive - you seem to have missed a bit out of your idea. Can you explain?
namaste, Jul 18 2002

       I think if that could be done (flavor lasting 24 hours), it would have been done already. In the meantime, Blutac makes excellent (if non-tasting) everlasting chewing gum.
DrCurry, Jul 18 2002

       "everlasting chewing gum": 10,000 year old tar gum made from birch bark, with teeth impressions, has been found in Scandinavia.
FarmerJohn, Jul 18 2002

       [admin: removed exclamation mark from title.]
st3f, Jul 18 2002

       Does it come with its own storage case or do you just stick it behind your ear when you go to sleep?
Fink, Jul 20 2002

       I thought the bedpost was the accepted method of overnight gum storage (Charlie and the chocolate factory reference unless I am miles away?) and I am going to have to say
<puts on pedant hat> spelling deliver differently three times in one short idea .. ddn4 either thats deliberate or you need to do a little spellcheckery </puts on pedant hat>
also we crave an explanation, how does it deliver over a 24 hour period? vague osmotic process reference... I want details!
I shall leave my fishbone tucked in my trunk for now.... explanations please!
The_Englishman_Abroad, Jul 20 2002

       Interesting idea, but I think if you chewed gum for 24 hrs you might suffer from some kind of RSI. You would probably also develop huge cheek muscles and end up looking like David Coulthard (F1 driver).
timo, Jul 20 2002

       Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its' Flavour
Lonnie Donegan And His Skiffle Group

       Oh me oh my oh you
Whatever shall I do?
Hallelujah, the question is peculiar
I'd give a lot of dough
If only I could know
The answer to my question
Is it yes or is it no?

Does your chewing gum lose its flavour on the bedpost overnight?
If your mother says don't chew it, do you swallow it in spite?
Can you catch it on your tonsils, can you heave it left & right?
Does your chewing gum lose its flavour on the bedpost overnight?
po, Jul 20 2002

       <aside>You are an observant little oompa loompa[The_Englishman_Abroad] The PR consultants at the Nestle Company had a plan as cunning as a weasel by obtaining the rights to the 'Wonka' name. And now off on a Roald Dahl tangent, I think Ali G talks remarkably like the BFG minus the "respect, wicked!, punnani, aiight!" </aside>   

       [The_Englishman_Abroad] Were you wearing your bear skin colonial style pendantry hat and did you resist the temptation of including 'flavor'?
Fink, Jul 20 2002

       1. Most bubble and chewing gums today are "soft durable plastic" you didnt think they still used chicle did you? in the first and second world wars they issued chewing gum to soldiers as part of their rations because it cleaned teeth, maintained focus and concentration, and made people happy. afterwards, every country the united states military had invaded wanted chewing gum, so there was a global demand from the chicleros. They, in turn, to fill their massive orders for the natural gum, would pad their blocks with leaves and rocks. hey i rhymed! The demand was so great that the pressure was on to create an artificial substitute. and "They" did.
monk, Oct 03 2003

       Well monk, you certainly are the go-to guy when it comes to gums.
waugsqueke, Oct 03 2003


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