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Guitar Switcheroo

A Track System for Guitars
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A track system which holds two guitars, one in front, and the other stowed behind. The guitars are both attached by their existing strap buttons, but instead of going over the shoulder individually, the straps for each guitar terminate at a single point on the back of the guitar, which is then attached to the track system.

The system itself travels completely around the body in a X fashion. One of the straps (the one that circles over the left shoulder for us righties) contains a track with two receptacles for guitars that are always equidistant from each other. This allows the guitarist to play one guitar and at the drop of a hat, throw it under and have a second come up over his shoulder. Alternatively, he could throw the guitar over his shoulder, and have the second come up around his hip. Some guitarist (Steve Vai) already throw their guitars around their shoulder and catch it mid-riff, which is pretty impressive, But I think it'd be cooler if they could do it with two guitars.

Possible uses:

1) Guitars with two tunings i.e. 1 in drop D and another in standard

2) One guitar with a tremolo, one without

3) 1 guitar 1 bass

4) A hot pink guitar and a neon green guitar to switch out mid solo in your poison cover band

the options are limitless.

bleh, Jun 21 2007

Speaking of Steve Vai... http://www.musicgad...images/guitar17.jpg
A;most redundant - but not quite! [gnomethang, Jun 21 2007]

Glory Arms http://www2.tbb.t-c...works/Burgundy.html
[skinflaps, Jun 21 2007]

Like This http://www.youtube....watch?v=vQ-A0Ty-Sa8
but have a second guitar come around from the back. [bleh, Jun 21 2007]

Just a seriously wicked guitar that I've had no reason to link to yet. http://s68.photobuc...nt=guitarofdoom.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jun 22 2007]

this is what its all about http://rockkansas.c...vies/solid-rock.jpg
ROCK BABY!!!! [bleh, Jun 27 2007]


       Rock stars are only rocking out 50% of the time man! Now they can rock twice as hard! [+]
theleopard, Jun 21 2007

       I'm giving this a bun for creativity, but do you realize how *heavy* two guitars would be?
[skinflaps] Does someone really play that?
xandram, Jun 21 2007

       //do you realize how *heavy* two guitars would be?//   

       that all depends on what guitars you use. Parker guitars only weight about 5-7 pounds. also, thats why I used the x strap system so it'd distribute the weight over both shoulders.
bleh, Jun 21 2007

       Yup, [bleh]. I wouldn't like to try it with too many Les Pauls!.
Thems heavy buggers!.
gnomethang, Jun 21 2007

       Yeah, they are. I'm a bass player, my warwick weighs about 15 pounds.
bleh, Jun 21 2007

       I want to see Les Claypool play two bass's at the same time. I like the idea. [+]
evilpenguin, Jun 21 2007

       //I want to see Les Claypool play two bass's at the same time// He only needs one.. that guy is a freak.
bleh, Jun 21 2007

       Thats a killer guitar [2fries]. did you hear it was stolen?
bleh, Jun 22 2007

       Really? No. Who's was it.
<eyes shift back and forth rapidly>

       //[skinflaps] Does someone really play that?//   

       I think you'd probably wear it or stick your head through it.
skinflaps, Jun 22 2007

       What's the point of this?
Murdoch, Jun 27 2007

       The point is showing off. Its what lead guitarists do! (Speaking as a rhythm guitarist!)
gnomethang, Jun 27 2007

       //What's the point of this?//   

       Depends on the player. some will use it to show off, and given thats what my initial inspiration was from.   

       but there are practical applications. Sometimes guitarists have songs where they would like a 12 string for the chorus and a 6 string for the verse/solo. previously, this required either a cumbersome switch of guitars by a roadie with awkward guitar silence in between, or a huge and cumbersome double neck (the guy from cheap trick actually had a 4 neck guitar). now they can use two guitars they already have and just swap them mid riff.
bleh, Jun 27 2007

       Isn't two guitars gonna be just a *tad* more cumbersome than one guitar with two necks. I'm thinking that maybe the 6/12 string thing will be easier if you have to move your hands a few inches instead of wrestling with a feisty ole 360-12 and yer fave Lester Polfus. Ask Jimmy Page. He was renowned for twatting around withe this sort of thing.   

       Plus, as uncool as a twin-neck guitar is, it's got nothing on having two guitars attached to ya.
Murdoch, Jun 27 2007

       [Murdoch], clearly you dont understand. Its not about ease of playing. It's not about economy of motion.   

       <fist of rock> its about ROCK!! </fist of rock> <link>
bleh, Jun 27 2007

       It would really *look* cool, but that isn't the only thing rock is about. Most musicians pride themselves on their playing and style so unless someone was a physical monster, most would have a hard time *rocking out* (not standing still whilst playing) so jumping around, singing, and doing the guitar swapperoo for a forty-five minute set.
I am in possession of my ex's Les Paul (one of them) and even if I could really play, I'd have to sit down just to hold it.
note: I have already bunned this for *style*.
xandram, Jun 27 2007

       //[Murdoch], clearly you dont understand. Its not about ease of playing. It's not about economy of motion.   

       <fist of rock> its about ROCK!! </fist of rock> <link>bleh, Jun 27 2007//
That about sums it up!. In the good old days we had the excessive quality ofbuilding a twin Gibson Les Paul with a 12 and a 6 string.
Now we can poo-poo this and sling two guitars round our necks.
Probably goes up to 11 as well!.
gnomethang, Jun 27 2007

       <Fist of rock> <headbang> It goes up to 12. </hb></for> :)
bleh, Jun 27 2007

       Once could accomodate several ukuleles with such a system.
bungston, Jun 28 2007

       How'd you know I'm a Bari-Uke player? mine has a seymour duncan pearly gates + pickup w/ a coil tap and guitar strings on it.
bleh, Jun 28 2007

       ...and a Floyd Rose floating trem!
gnomethang, Jun 28 2007

       Pah! Seymour Duncans? Old ladies P/Us. P-90s are the only true rock'n'roll P/U, or at a push, old Gibson humbuckers. Or maybe nice old springy sound Strat ones. Or those really neat glass in your ears Tele ones.   

       Anyway, who EVER uses more than 3 strings at a time? No-one who isn't in a folk band or a church choir backing band, that's who.   

       Oh, and Roger McGuinn. Who used to be in a folk band. Which makes being in folk band okay, really.   

       As Manowar said, "real men play on ten", or some such furry-pants-and-viking-helmet wearing fucking nonsense.   

       Too much fuckin perspective, man.
Murdoch, Jun 28 2007


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