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Gym of Parts

bring me the heads of Alfredo Garcia...
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Most gyms have collections of free weights in the form of dumb-bells, barbells and kettle weights. These are graduated in small increments, but all look basically the same. ie boring.

At the Gym of Parts, all of the weights have been recast (in metal of course) and being carefully painted, to now resemble their equivalent values in the "real world".

This means that a dumb-bell could consist of the two halves of Einstein's brain. Other lesser brains would make up the smaller weights, but sections of brain could be added to make up the sets. ie 12.5 kg might be made up with 4 Darwins + 6 slices of Britney Spears

Bench pressing might be carried out by adding successive discs, each of which corresponds to a cross-sectioned slice of dinosaur leg.

Not all weights need correspond to anatomical features.

Equivalents are available for other such notables as: The Toes of The Sphinx; The Bolts that Held the Propellors of the Titanic; The Forty Pieces of Silver received by Judas. Some weights can be magnifications - like a set of 5lb chicken feathers. This means that mad and memorable combinations can be assembled.

"And the crowd falls silent as Precious McKenzie, now 73 years old, adds another two solid steel 10kg cornflakes to an already straining bar." (see link for info on the great man)

xenzag, Jul 06 2009

Precious McKenzie http://www.precious...co.nz/his_story.htm
small but powerful [xenzag, Jul 06 2009]


       You've got to be tough, with a name like Precious.   


       What about weights shaped like hamburger patties, tomato slices, pickles and buns? That would motivate me a lot more.
MikeD, Jul 06 2009

       All are possible... the whole idea is that the weights should look like other things, but still be heavy, and modular.
xenzag, Jul 07 2009

       This suggests a book joke (as opposed to a joke book). You'd model 600-page airport novels by {authors I don't wish to publicise} out of polystyrene, and do apparently flimsy editions of The Prince, The Communist Manifesto or the gospels in depleted uranium. I have a feeling the joke has been done, but I can't remember where.   

       {continues list of short, heavy books in privacy of own imagination}
pertinax, Jul 07 2009


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