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Gym truck

If you can't get to the gym, the gym comes to you
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There are many unfit people living away from large population centres with no access to gym facilities. If one were to fit out the storage area of a large truck with suitable fitness equipment, the gym could go to them. One night a week per town/ village, and people can come in and get fit. You could even hook up with the local GP and offer discounts to the serious fatties. There'd be no need for showers/ changing rooms etc. cos you're pulling up virtually at someone's front door. A real service to the community.
abbyfoggin, Nov 12 2005

Mobile gym proves an attraction - ITV News http://www.itvregio...s+an+attraction.htm
Baked [sprogga, Nov 12 2005]

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abbyfoggin, Nov 12 2005


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