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grind bodies and pour water over them
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Gym where all the equipment is modelled to resemble scary medieval torture devices, with appropriately dressed attendants to enure there is no slacking.

Naturally there are shackles and manacles on the equipment to compliment the customary hand and feet holds.

Burning torches on the walls instead of usual high-tech lighting, and a simmering cauldron that acts as a hot-tub, complete the effect.

xenzag, Jan 13 2012


       Here and there, around the room, should be a wax figure (morbidly obese) IN those shackles. And a sign: This could be YOU, if you don't do enough Voluntary exercise!
Vernon, Jan 13 2012

       // a comfy chair //   

       ... and poke them with the Soft Cushions !   

       "Cardinal Fang ... The Rack !!"   

       But then again, No-One Expects the Spanish Inquisition ....   

       [+] for sheer silliness.
8th of 7, Jan 13 2012

       Damn, they beat me to the obligatory Python reference!
Alterother, Jan 14 2012


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