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HB Keyboard

For sheer novelty value.
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We have keyboard shortcuts for frequently-used actions such as voting and annotating. Now we need corresponding special keys, like the Windows keys or audio control keys. I would love to see "bun" and "bone" keys at the top of the keyboard with the little icons printed on them, and maybe an "anno" as well. Even better if the whole keyboard matches the elegant HB color scheme.
Etymon, Mar 04 2005


       Ctrl-Alt-Destroy Account
Worldgineer, Mar 04 2005

       The "F1" - "F12" keys could have different reasons for marking for deletion.   

       Instead of Shift and Ctrl, we'd have "sphericon" and "custard". Hold down whichever key while you type your idea and it'll insert the desired medium.
phundug, Mar 04 2005

waugsqueke, Mar 05 2005

       Somebody posted a *really* Halfbaked keyboard one time - what happened to that?
DrCurry, Mar 05 2005

       This is not the sphericon custard club...
wagster, Mar 05 2005


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