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HB 'Recipe' Box

Mad Science meets Granny's Rolodex
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Envision if you will an attractive box-like receptacle with tight dovetail joinery, made of an inert substance such as wood to prevent corrosion of the contents.

It is able to hold 3"x5" cards in alphabetical order. Each card can hold information (like croissant recipes) AND/OR hold other cards (SD, micro-SD, phone, credit).

Available for a limited time: optional embroidered 'pouch cards' for USBs.

Box also available in 5"x7" size.

Sgt Teacup, Feb 23 2023


       Secret lap dovetails I hope
pocmloc, Feb 23 2023

       Secret mitre/double lap of course, [poc]. We don't want the people knowing how thoroughly thorough we are, here at Camp Teacup's top-secret hidden-in-plain-sight HalfBakery 'Recipe' Box Fabrication Plant.
Sgt Teacup, Feb 23 2023

       Mouse traps
pashute, Feb 28 2023


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