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HHO powered putt putt boat

electrolysis of water to make HHO and then burn that to power a simple steam engine
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There's a really simple toy boat that uses a coil of copper tubing heated by a candle to propel itself, and you can make HHO gas by splitting the hydrogen and oxygen in water apart by running a direct current thru it. You can try both by putting a candle and copper wire coil on a toy boat and running a 9 volt battery thru a cup of salt water. So the idea is to burn that collected hydrogen and oxygen together to heat the copper coil instead of the candle.
silentman, Jun 17 2010

Hydrogen and Oxygen from Water http://www.youtube....watch?v=OTEX38bQ-2w
[silentman, Jun 17 2010]

Putt Putt or pop pop boat powered by candle http://www.youtube....?v=semJQYDk83M&NR=1
[silentman, Jun 17 2010]


       You'd do far better to run an electric motor from the 9V battery directly, but + for the remembrance of Putt Putt Boats!
csea, Jun 17 2010

       How long would you have to run the 9V battery electrolysis plant to produce enough HHO for a single pop?   

       Still, + for uneccassery and complex modification to a beautifully simple design.
Twizz, Jun 17 2010

       I was given a putt putt boat six months ago and it's still sitting on my shelf. I suspect now is the time to fire up and introduce it to the kids.
wagster, Jun 17 2010

       Make sure it hasn't seized up, or it will be a putt putt, bang boat
xenzag, Jun 17 2010

       Think of the volume of fuel in a candle compared to a comparable volume of hydrogen. I think the hydrogen will not make things very hot.
bungston, Jun 18 2010

       Because of this idea, when I was in an auto parts store in Los Angeles today to buy car wax I actually found myself looking around at small coils of copper tubing for thermostatic controls and thinking, "I could totally make a putt-putt outboard motorboat with this!"   

       Thanks for the brief return to childhood, [silentman].
jurist, Jun 18 2010


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