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Please categorise as Plug: Shameless
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Not being super technical, I was surprised to find out that AVI (Audio Video Interleave) is not some clever audio/video encoding technique but is actually a container that holds bits of video and audio together to stop them drifting apart on their travels around the internet.

I propose a new container called HII (Halfbaked Idea Interleave) where ideas can act as the delivery envelope for various kinds of content ranging from URLs such as http://bakers-half-dozen.blogspot.com to...well I'm sure there's other stuff that could be included but actually that's all I'm interested in.

oscil8, Jun 30 2012

http://bakers-half-dozen.blogspot.com [oscil8, Jun 30 2012]


       Thanks for posting, I was semithinking about finding the bakers half dozen blog.
rcarty, Jun 30 2012


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