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Hair Sculpture

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What about this? So you get a standard video projector and hook it up to some software. When you get your hair cut your hairdresser (or mate) projects an image onto your head (which is fixed, or you stay stil), which consists of a grid pattern overlayed with an image of where to shave, with which guard, with a standard Remington-home-haircut set, with a number of guards.

The software would vary The co-ordinates from haircut to haircut, and a Hair Sculpture would evolve.

Then set up a website and see whose Hair Sculpture is the wackiest.

goatfaceKilla, May 13 2005

Helicopter Hair http://www.funnypics.dk/fpid109.html
[calum, May 16 2005]

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       Didn't Trent Lott achieve this quite by accident? Or is his just the super deluxe hair helmet made to be stronger than carbon fiber and kevlar?
jaxmeier, May 15 2005

       how about haircut by special intersecting lasers.
SpocksEyebrow, May 15 2005

       I wouldn't do that to a poodle.
reensure, May 16 2005

       Why not just hook your flowbee (the vacume hair cutting system thing) to one of those CAD cutting machines and set them up as a kiosk in malls and airports. you can choose your style from an illustrated list on the side of the machine. Better yet, incorporate one of the photo-strip things and get your picture taken while making funny faces and getting your hair cut.
Cracked, May 16 2005

       sort of like 'paint by numbers', only with razor blades. genius.
daaisy, Oct 17 2005

       //I wouldn't do that to a poodle.// Me either. But I'd do it to a person.
wagster, Oct 17 2005


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