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Hirstian Coffin

Become a work of art - posthumously
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If weird is art, then how about, once you are dead, you are encased in a glass tank filled with preservative, very much like Damien Hirsts' 'sculptures' (I don't know what else to call them).

Once a volunteer dies, then an artist will get the body, have it manipulated into the position the person wanted, and encased into a tank filled with preservatives. This can either be taken home by the family of the deceased, or it can be put on display at an art gallery, hired out for parties, etc.

froglet, Dec 22 2005

no tanks required. http://www.bodyworl...m/en/pages/home.asp
[po, Dec 22 2005]


       I want to be put in an enormous mason jar filled with strawberry jam. Wait, you mean like formaldehyde? Oh, never mind...
notmarkflynn, Dec 22 2005

       ... you could be rented to the Russians so that Lenin can sneak off for a holiday...
moomintroll, Dec 22 2005

       Does the deceased get bisected first?
coprocephalous, Dec 22 2005

       [coprocephalous] - If you want, yes.   

       Oh wouldn't it be fine, to get pickled in a vat of wine...   

       Adhere to the urban legend and become entombed in a vat of wine, which you then give to the relative you like least...
froglet, Dec 22 2005

       What about a Kelin bottle coffin? (With a lid, of course...)
david_scothern, Dec 23 2005


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