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Half-Anime Plot Generator

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To generate trippy huge-eye anime plots, simply use a random search to select ideas from the half bakery, and integrate them into a scenario. For just a bit of quirkyness, only use 1 idea. For a different storyline, use 1 idea from each general catagory. For trippy-arseness, use at least 50 ideas.
QuadAlpha, Feb 19 2002

A possible example of a story created with this. http://sluggy.com/d/010204.html
"You killed my fish!" 'Why does that pickle you?'
<Worship the comic!> [StarChaser, Feb 19 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


phoenix, Feb 19 2002

       All the anime that I have had the misfortune to watch seems to end with an amorphous blob threatening to destroy the city/world in some sort of man-made apocalypse. Until someone posts "World Destruction Threatening Amorphous Blob" this idea will never generate anime as I recognise it.   

       But croissant anyway.
calum, Feb 19 2002

       Been watching Akira then calum?   

       Damn! Beaten to a Sluggy link. Well I'll be ready next time someone mentions Ayn Rand...
CoolerKing, Feb 19 2002

       Not just Akira, CoolerKing. Though, technically, they aren't anime, the same damm thing happens in Tetsuo II: Bodyhammer and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. And some other animated Japanese arse I have been forced to endure.
calum, Feb 19 2002

       Same plot happens in Urotosukidodji (or as it is more commonly known, Urotosukiveryfuckingdodji) but with added prehensile penises. Given some of the ideas that have been posted here, I'd say it's only a matter of time before this becomes viable. Just cross a gun-troll idea with a sex-troll idea with a- No. On second thoughts, don't.
Guy Fox, Feb 19 2002

       Of course some Japanese anime is just about schoolchildren falling in love, not necessarily with their Pocket Squids.
pottedstu, Feb 20 2002

       Those things have plots?   

       Anything is improved with the addition of prehensile penises, I always say.
waugsqueke, Feb 20 2002

       pardon waugs? has anyone actually tried to do, what the actual idea asked us to do? a couple of random ideas and then a scenario. (lovely idea - will give it a go later)
po, Feb 20 2002

       the mental picture of po that i thought was animeish
technobadger, Feb 22 2002

       This probbably wont work...   

       Proper text handling
Exciting new attempts to cross Computer Science majors with English majors

A Three-way match

       Aversion pay scale
Base salary on the general public's aversion to the job

       3 random ideas... The first one could possibly work if the resulting computer/english monster has tentacles... but I doubt it...
RobertKidney, Feb 23 2002

       [robertkidney]: you just have to pick the right anime subgenre:   

       The setting: one of those generic japanese high schools. The most popular boy in school is A-kun, president of the school's English club, who also happens to be a martial arts expert. His rival for the affections of the girls of the school is B-kun, president of the school's Computer Science club, who also happens to be a martial arts expert. As the story begins, we learn that the big contest of the year is coming up; the school is playing against its hated rival for the All-District Martial-Arts-Football Championship. But who will lead the school's team? Ensue several battles between A and B as they try to prove their supremacy. However, they are exactly evenly matched. The day draws near and they decide that they, being bitter rivals, cannot play on the same team, and so the championship must be fought among three teams --- A's team, B's team, and the rival school.   

       The contest starts. More fight scenes here. (Also, there's probably some intrigue with girls X-ko and Y-ko giving favors to A and B, declarations of passion restrained only by duty, etc.) At halftime it is announced that in addition to bringing glory to their school, the winner will win a date with Z-ko, who is the least popular girl in school (despite being very pretty; also, she happens to be a martial arts expert, although that doesn't come up until a later episode). A and B decide that they cannot throw the game; that would be an insult to their arts. So, they agree that whoever plays the best will "graciously" decline the date with Z-ko, and the loser must date her. (This will probably make either X-ko or Y-ko mad at the loser for dating another girl. Since X and Y are, by some strange chance, martial arts experts, this could get interesting.) Thus spurred on by their aversion to dating Z-ko, A and B redouble their efforts, and ---   

       [I don't know how it ends because the next episode hasn't made it to the States yet.]
wiml, Feb 23 2002

       I'm voting for this on the basis of wiml's story. Although I think there is probably a bit too much martial artistry in there.   

       New challenge:   

       World-Domination Machine
Put a gun to the globe.

       speed maps
Street maps that indicate travel speed

       Freestyle Square Dancing
"Promenade if ya care to..."

       All those ideas dredged up using the random ideariser, honestly. Yes, even the first one.

       You know what? It might just work.
Loris, Oct 10 2002

       soap box durby, Big O robot
Cubethrax, Dec 30 2004


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