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Half-bakery AOL Buddy Style feature

See who else you know is currently logged on to Half-bakery
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Self-explanatory, but should also give a list of all members with a few statistics:
1. Time since last logged in.
2. Number of replies posted this week
This would be a sort of 'active member' list.
You could also add:
3. Total number of ideas posted
4. Total number of replies posted

I'm sure there is a similar idea somewhere on half-bakery, but to be quite honest, if there is, I'm sure PeterSealy will find it before I do...

goff, Jun 11 2001


       [UnaB]: Where does it say anything about using real names?
angel, Jun 11 2001

       Fish Fish Fish Fish Fish.   

       No. BAD idea. Too many of those annoying programs as it is.
StarChaser, Jun 11 2001

       Oh I wouldn't want to lose the anonymity, it's quite fun. Although I think we all know who PeterSealy is by now - after all, he does have a link to his own site on his half-bakery home page.
goff, Jun 12 2001

       This, to my personal delight, is not a chat room.
globaltourniquet, Jun 12 2001


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