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yet another "let's get some of these brilliant idea to market" idea
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There are (arguably) some good ideas on HB. The question often springs to mind, "why can't I buy this stuff already?".

The ideas might be good, but they're not in the form a company executive can appreciate. What is needed is a 'translation' of these ideas into business talk - a business plan.

I propose a open forum (similar to HB) that takes existing ideas (from HB as well as other places on the net e.g. expired patents, Instuctables, etc.) and creates a business plan.

Each business plan would explain succinctly things such as: what the product does, the potential market size, exiting products that perform a similar function, anticipated cost of R&D, why a particular company would be well suited to making the product etc.

The business plans would be posted and then become open for comment, improvement and criticism.

The forum would be a great place for business students, entrepreneurs and business executives to 'cut their teeth' and interact and (hopefully) turn ideas into reality.

xaviergisz, Feb 01 2009




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