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HalfBaker Emoticon

Like a Masonic handshake, and yet somehow strangely not.
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An emoticon which indicates that the user is a Halfbaker.

Can be tagged onto or embedded in normal messages to discreetly indicate to the recipient that the sender is a 'Baker without being overly self-promoting.

May promote real world kinship between Bakers, or more likely even more virulent off-Bakery flame wars.

The emoticon should net unduly differ from existing emoticons and should somehow convey the fishbone/croissant duality.

:$? is offered as a starting point, the $ representing the fishbone and the "?" the croissant"

It is recognized that this idea may be construed as a "call-for-list" but this is not the intention.

[marked-for-amendment- subject-to-annotations]

8th of 7, Oct 28 2009

HB favicon http://www.halfbakery.com/favicon.ico
Just to remind you about the ico. [Jinbish, Oct 28 2009]

A bunch of fish emoticons http://www.muller-g....com/noturning.html
[MisterQED, Oct 28 2009]

West Ham http://www.westhamf....uk/forum/index.php
I don't actually know anything about the football, just to debias the whole Totters thing - sheesh. [zen_tom, Oct 29 2009]

Leyton Orient http://www.leytonor...orum.asp?FORUM_ID=1
Further debiasment [zen_tom, Oct 29 2009]


       I really like this idea for some reason []
wagster, Oct 28 2009

       WTF :$?
coprocephalous, Oct 28 2009

       I'm proud to be one of you nut cases. I'd show it off with glee [+]
blissmiss, Oct 28 2009

       I like this as I have often wondered if I had run into Bakers on different sites under different user names.   

       I'd suggest [:+-], as it includes the [] of names the ":" of a standard emoticon and the "+-" of bone and bun, and it looks like a face. The downside is it may be in use somewhere, but Google didn't find it.   

MisterQED, Oct 28 2009

       Plus it looks like a lego man, and legos are the building block of the world.
blissmiss, Oct 28 2009

       Isn't that the internationally recognised emoticon for people who only have half a face?
theleopard, Oct 28 2009

       Thanks, [Jinbish], but something that can be represented in crude ASCII symbols is needed.
8th of 7, Oct 28 2009

       G# ?   

       the "G" as the croissant and the "#" as a crunched piscine skeleton... there has to be something in Unicode that can get much closer, though.   

       @# - though the @ is more a 'danish' thing   



       [@#] <--- I like, but it begs questions.
FlyingToaster, Oct 28 2009

       Yep, I understand [8th], just pointing out, that's all.
Jinbish, Oct 28 2009

       I went with [] as the square brackets denote almost all hb specific stuff, but [:+-] is cleverer and cuter. It's also a little impractical and inefficient if you have to type it fast, so it brings some of the spirit of the bakery along with it.
wagster, Oct 28 2009

daseva, Oct 28 2009


I think I just invented the emoticon for a comb-over. The new international symbol for a tragically bad idea. That's got to be worth something, right?
DrBob, Oct 28 2009

       ø (alt o on a mac) looks like a mini saturn
xenzag, Oct 28 2009

       hah, love the comb over!
po, Oct 28 2009

       Are you trying to get one over on me, Ian?
wagster, Oct 28 2009

       I've been absent from this place for about a year. I drifted away into the murky world of football (soccer) forums.   

       Good god. I've been a pedant trapped in a straight-jacket & one of those ball things that those people put in their mouths. You know.   

       To paraphrase the majority, it's been to much too take.   

       Early on, I foolishly suggested a correction to someone's diction/grammar/spelling (I can't remember which), and I was shot down in flames. It's like being back in school when I was picked on because I was bright. I had to dumb down then, and I'm having to dumb down now. For fuck's sake. What a load of bollocks. So I think I might come back, if that's OK with you. If you've never heard of me but still don't object, that's cool too.   


       I was on the aforementioned football forum, and in response to a witty comment, someone congratulated the poster with the single word 'Croissant'. I had no emoticon to call upon, so I had to ask straight out 'Are you a 'baker?' I had no reply from him, but another user then revealed themselves. So in theory, there are at least three 'bakers on the Tottenham Hotspur 606 message board, which I think is pretty impressive coverage. I'd always felt the HB was a niche, and it always will be. But maybe now it's a very large niche.   

       So in short (sorry, I'm totally wired right now and a little bit chatty), I think it's a very good idea.   

jtp, Oct 28 2009

       Welcome back. Beer's in the fridge.
wagster, Oct 28 2009

       [:+-] gets me going. How about its ugly twin [:-+]
pocmloc, Oct 28 2009

       Cheers Wags. It's going to be hard to stop using acronyms though LOL
jtp, Oct 28 2009

       With regard to this idea, I think [+] is the most logical emoticon, if it's not taken.
jtp, Oct 28 2009


       "C" has much merit for representing a croissant ....   

       Given the HalfBakery's sideways view of reality, how about something like   


       A sort of backwards smuiley ?   

       C means croissant, B means bone, and it's back to front.   

       Also it seems to be winking ....   


       // trapped in a straight-jacket & one of those ball things that those people put in their mouths. You know. //   

       Where was this ? Was it expensive ? Did it hurt, or did you have to pay extra for that ?
8th of 7, Oct 28 2009

       Actually, the more I think about it, the more I think it has to be over-complicated.   


       The artwork above is, as far as I know, copyright of [UnaBubba] and I don't apologise for stealing it in order to highlight the over-complicated beauty of it. It certainly has my vote. Even if that means I have to tape it to my screen as a reminder.
jtp, Oct 28 2009

       How about just "D" ?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 28 2009

       actually.5HB is pretty commonly used here. When one hb'er went to another sight and used it in his name I knew what it meant. edit: oops its not an emoticon, sorry
dentworth, Oct 28 2009

       // ><((((º> //   

       Naah, that's rubbish. <º))))>< , now that would be good.
8th of 7, Oct 28 2009

       8th, it's people like you who should be running the country.   

       I salute your um...
jtp, Oct 28 2009

Jinbish, Oct 28 2009

       I liked the fish, but it is far from unique, see link. The HB is nothing if not unique. Also it is mildly religious. So I'm still voting for [:+-]
MisterQED, Oct 28 2009

       I thought he was calling me, but in a dyslexic manner.
jtp, Oct 28 2009

       [jtp], I'm on the Spurs 606 an' all. Not seen any croissants mind. Will leave them around from now on.
theleopard, Oct 28 2009

       // I've been a pedant trapped//
//it's been to much too take.//

       You're back in the HB and among friends. Now let your pedant free!
sp. times two/to/too.
Jinbish, Oct 28 2009

       If they come back with a big wooden cross and some nails, start running. Public opinion is so fickle.   

       //people like you who should be running the country. //   

       Soon, we will be. Resistance is Futile.
8th of 7, Oct 29 2009

       As if a West Ham fan could have the imagination or wit to be a halfbaker. Shame on you [zen_tom]. I know you live East, but that's not an excuse.
theleopard, Oct 29 2009

       //running the country//
//we will be//

       Perhaps - more chance of that than seeing them just run. (Think about it, teleporting notwithstanding, when was the last time you saw a Borg move any faster than a sloth with a limp? It might be an inexorable, inevitable, doom-bringing shamble - but it's not going to win any Olympic medals)
Jinbish, Oct 29 2009

       They're just Daleks who climb stairs.
wagster, Oct 29 2009

       Come over here and say that..... you want to make something of it ? Eh ? Eh ?   

       // it's not going to win any Olympic medals //   


       "Meedaals ? Hwe doan' need no steenking Meedaals !"   

8th of 7, Oct 29 2009



       hahahaha. I'm gonna use that one. Good HB analogy too.
FlyingToaster, Oct 29 2009

       + they are all so good +
xandram, Oct 29 2009

       The suspense is killing me. I think I'll check back in later when you all have settled on the damn thing.   


       Oh, and I vote on the combover.
MikeD, Oct 29 2009

       I like [:+-] although I would have to admit that my need for a Halfbakery emoticon is pretty limited.
kaz, Oct 29 2009

       I think it needs to be something much more discrete... I'd vote for a special version of a universal typeface like Helvetica (that only Halfbakers can download) and has something like one single letter e on each page of text become "filled in".
xenzag, Oct 29 2009

       Disctrete, as in a single, different letter 'e' ; and discreet, as in only one hidden among many.
Jinbish, Oct 29 2009

       I would like to hear jutta's input. (And Hi there [jtp], welcome back. Now get that football outta your ear and stop leaving us for so long and get back to baking.)
blissmiss, Oct 29 2009

       <Reverent silence>   

       <Assembled Neophytes wait patiently with eyes downcast for She Who Must Be Obeyed to pronounce>
8th of 7, Oct 29 2009

       It's a bit like a smiling guy with a big nose and lines on his forehead:
Ling, Oct 30 2009

       Is there a real world equivalent of this, such as a bun or bone lapel pin?
pocmloc, Oct 30 2009

       What is this "real world" of which you speak ?
8th of 7, Oct 30 2009

       I was referring to the rest of the internet, beyond halfbakery.com - my apologies, I won't do it again.
pocmloc, Oct 30 2009

       Please, keep your personal problems out of the HB, OK ?
8th of 7, Oct 30 2009

       ><((((-> zzZ    Sleepy
><((((×>  Drunk
><((((O>  Baby eyed
><((((~>  Chortle
><((((³>  Smug
><(((8>  Looking at it sideways
><((((ß>  Looking through rose coloured glasses
><((((%>  Confused
><((((.>  Looking it up
><((((+>  Slightly under the influence
><((((O.>  Really?
><((((¸>  Drunken stupor
><((((»>  Intense
><((((ò>  Slightly miffed
><((((ð>  Really miffed

       Apologies to UB for defacing his fish.
Ling, Oct 31 2009


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