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HalfBakery Idea realization support forum

A place on half bakery where people can learn how to build or finance their ideas, a wiki or forum
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Anyone else think there should be such a thing?
vtolled, Jul 17 2010

InventHelp http://www.inventhelp.com/
They don't know a good idea when they see it, the jerks [Grogster, Jul 17 2010]

Halfbakery: Other sites sort of like this one http://www.halfbake...ditorial/links.html
except different. [jutta, Jul 17 2010]

A little more on inventhelp http://www.ripoffre...ark-inven-bcnce.htm
Since almost nobody in this business is sane, I recommend to take both the advertisements and the complaints with large amounts of salt. [jutta, Jul 17 2010]

and yet... http://www.drbriffa...og/2002/02/02/salt/
[MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 17 2010]

Kickstarter http://www.kickstarter.com/
Fund a creative project. Vote w/your wallet. [wbeaty, Jul 18 2010]


       Doesn't this already exist [link] ? These are the very fellows who send letters back with comments like "...please, mister, for the love of God, stop sending us these Half-Baked ideas..." --- I think they're secretly jealous.
Grogster, Jul 17 2010

       Yeah, if you can get places whom you pay in order to "market" your ideas to tell you to back off, you know you're *really* crazy.   

       This site is called "halfbakery" to announce that both readers and writers don't take themselves quite so seriously. If you want someone productive and supportive, go with some of the other sites on the list.
jutta, Jul 17 2010

       Yes, but the tongue often slips out of the cheek, and says something useful. If you just take it for what it is and don't ask for anything more than what you get, you might find yourself subtly blessed.
afinehowdoyoudo, Jul 17 2010

       It's sort of maybe already been baked in the form of Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com
Steamboat, Jul 17 2010

       Kickstarter gives existing projects a forum to find backers, and people with disposable income a place to find goofy little projects to back. It may help projects along, certainly, but it's not so much a teaching/wiki thing.
jutta, Jul 18 2010

       Isn't this what we already do with the annotation system here?
jhomrighaus, Jul 18 2010

       "Build or finance" reeks of work!
bungston, Jul 19 2010

       of a universe of possibilities There are two (or three dozen) approaches that I immediately think of   

       Universities have technology transfer departments Just advertise at MITs Tech to find an MIT student to bring your idea to their tech transfer department Works on hundreds of Highly regarded successful technology transfer departments You could even rotate the ideas to find the right occurence MIT then UC Berkeley then ETH or Cambridge UK then UMichigan then Stanford   

       Be gorgeously functional unlikely groups you have heard of read the .5b   

       also even I have been approached with funding on an idea (color changing notes) from here I think it was authentic yet Im much too live outside eat from dumpsters ignore grammar to participate which kind of transitions my technology towards highest benefit to humanity
beanangel, Jul 21 2010


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