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Half Slipcovers

Protect furniture without changing the look
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Antimacassars were doily like overlays, necessary to keep the greasy hair pomades in use at the time from staining the expensive mohair upholstery- today we need easily washable caps that look like upholstery available in the original fabrics-not just the arm covers, but fitted over the backs, too. Take 'em off for company, or depending on the company, leave 'em on- no one will be the wiser.
Rm Brz, Mar 10 2002


       Yeah, mostly because nobody could sit on them. <grin> I knew someone who used the zippered heavy plastic covers, AND Armor-Alled <TWIAVBP: A plastic treatment, mostly for cars. It's major effect is to make anything it's put on -very- slippery> to the point that unless you managed to balance perfectly, you'd slide right off onto the floor with a squeak.
StarChaser, Mar 11 2002


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