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Half price movies

Watch movies from the other side of the screen .. for half price
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Movies are projected on to a screen. If you look at the screen from the other side .. you see a reverse image of the movie.

I've been behind there and there is some room. You could fit about 20 seats behind there. Apart from sub-titles looking wierd .. the movie is actually suprising watchable (who cares if the mole is on Arnie's right cheek or left?).

Charge just half price, or a third of the price .. and shove some seats that side of the screen to increase your seating capacity.

britboy, Feb 21 2004


       Leonard Shelby checks his polaroid photos...   

       <mih llik - eno eht si eh ,seil sih eveileb t'nod>
po, Feb 21 2004

       Would work even better at a drive-in theatre. Baseball movies would be wacky: Keven Kostner hits ball, runs to third base?!?
1st2know, Feb 21 2004

       Bring a mirror for those subtitles+
theircompetitor, Feb 21 2004

       This would work, although humanbean makes some good points. What would not work is 1st2know's drive in idea. Drive in screens are opaque, indoor screens allow some level of permeability making them viewable from the backside.
swamilad, Feb 22 2004

       or jsut bring one huge mirror and place it on the backwall and look at it while having your backs to the screen
stinkycheese, Feb 23 2004

       I used to work in a movie theatre during college. While there is a small amount of space behind most screens, you'd be sitting unbearably close. In most modern theatres with quality sound systems, the area behind the screen is taken up by large speaker and subwoofer arrays.
Freefall, Feb 23 2004

       The sound would be crappy. Just go to a 2nd-run theater, it's only $1 (which, by the way is less than 1/2 price at a regular theater)! spacecadet triumphs again!
spacecadet, Feb 23 2004

       I think many ticket purchasers would use the relative seclusion behind the screens for various purposes that management would probably prefer that they didn't.
supercat, Feb 24 2004

       I think it's a taerg aedi. At noissimretni, you could go to the rabkcans for some nrocpop and sknirdtfos.
Ander, Feb 24 2004

       I hadn't considered the handicam notion, probably because the viewing angle would be so bad. I was thinking that other theatergoers' viewing might be disrupted by moaning noises or occasionally crashing noises.
supercat, Feb 24 2004


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