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Halfbakery Build Team

Preferably unbaked until done
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The Halfbakery could form an affiliation with universities around the world, creating a summer program by which a group or groups of technically-minded students could be bundled into a dormitory in a centrally-located college, and given instructions to select and build Halfbakery ideas. Marketing ideas would also be part of the summer course.

This would be a hands-on course that brings experience in design, manufacture, implementation, and marketing.

Comes with college credit, and would be overseen by halfbakery members who have both self-respect and the respect of the group.

EDIT: When was the last time two Halfbakery: Realization ideas were posted on the same day?

shapu, Aug 17 2006

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       Probably recently. No offence, but engineering departments have their fair share of project incentives. That is, we'd probably need our own funding. Unfortunately, I don't think our squad is large enough for this yet, but I dream of it's realization! In the vein of idealism: [+]
daseva, Aug 17 2006

       I like this, because it requires no additional effort on my part, but might make me feel like someone was benefiting from the time I waste here.
bungston, Aug 17 2006

       'Building' a Halfbakery idea is one thing - but what about building a halfbaked invention? You know, the ones that are pointless or won't work due to a funny flaw?   

       Let's see the pesky students do that!   

       P.s. I'm with [IT], figuratively speaking.
Jinbish, Aug 17 2006

       Would make a great low-budget cable-channel tv show....   

monojohnny, Aug 17 2006

       Because you'd be given the title "Visiting Professor?"
shapu, Aug 17 2006

       Maybe if it were *globally* located somewhere, or in several locations... I certainly would volunteer to help out in Hawaii or someplace else that has a lot of palm trees.
xandram, Aug 17 2006

       Um, who is going to pay for this? I have $.35 and some lint.
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 17 2006

       [Ian], that's genius! You should start up one of those places, sounds like it could really work. Schooling on the internet, what will you think of next?
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Aug 17 2006

       [Ian] no, that would be much too practical. It was just a suggestion for shapu to expand the idea to include all the countries represented here at the halfbakery.   

       (Later) I came back to see if I had misread the idea. I thought shapu meant for a *hands on* type of program. How else would one know if students were understanding halfbakery inventions?
xandram, Aug 17 2006

       Hmm...I don't think I realized how US centric I'd made this (Which is odd, considering I put in the words "united states"). Whoops.
shapu, Aug 17 2006

       //Maybe if it were *globally* located somewhere//
Location: Earth.
moomintroll, Aug 17 2006


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