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Halfbakery keyboard

For the addicted
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New out from BorgCo, quite similar to a regular pc keyboard, but with subtle differences.

The win ... wind ...wwwii ... the key with the odd wavy flag symbol is replaced with one which shows a croissant-and-fishbone.

Pressing this key in combination with other keys performs specialsed actions.

<HB> + <Home> launches the web browser and if necessary logs you into the home page.

<HB> + <+> buns an idea

<HB> + <-> bones an idea

<HB> + <a> starts an annotation

... etc. etc.

Available now in genuine simulated plastic-effect, comes fitted with a 5-pin DIN plug for easy attachment to your PC/XT. No half-serious half-baker would settle for anything less ! A bargain at USD$59.99 including packaging, shipping, handling, flaky crumbs and a disturbing odour of old kipper.

Comes complete with drivers for all popular non-GUI operating systems on an 8" hard-sectored floppy disk (versions on paper tape or RL02 hard disk available at extra cost).

Order now and get the special fishbone/croissant serial mouse included for only USD$29.99 !

(Mouse can be purchased separately for USD$19.99 plus USD$10.00 shipping).

8th of 7, Sep 04 2012


       I dunno. Maybe if an ADB version comes out.
ytk, Sep 04 2012

       It's the Winkey - the only key named after a body part?   

       However, the bakery already has accesskeys available. To annotate this I pressed alt+shift+a and now I am about to press alt+shift+o
mitxela, Sep 04 2012

       // Maybe if an ADB version comes out //   

       We can do you an OCD version ...   

       Yes, yes, shortcut keys ... not quite the same as having a "special" key though, is it ?
8th of 7, Sep 04 2012

       At last. An embodiment of the fragrant smell of old kippers. Kipper lovers will definitely fall for this. Should sell like hot fish cakes.
Lesser Spotted Kiwi, Sep 04 2012

       <meaningful pause while assembled halfbakers wait for [21Q] to go and check what a 'kipper' actually is>
8th of 7, Sep 04 2012

       In my hand I'm holding a can of kippered boneless herring fillets. How is this possible? Because kippering is a process done to fish for preservation.
rcarty, Sep 04 2012

       Well, I'M not going to buy the mouse for USD$29.99 as I'll just cleverly buy the one USD$19.99 plus USD$10.00 shipping. I'm not stupid you know.
AusCan531, Sep 04 2012

       I'll just take the shipping for USD$10.00.
rcarty, Sep 05 2012


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