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Halloween Candy Dish WITH DISEMBODIED HAND!!!!!!

The nice lady comes to the door offering a bowl of candy that she's holding with both hands... you know where this is going...
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The unsuspecting kid starts to reach into the bowl and a disembodies hand pokes out from the bowl and hands them a candy bar. Screams, mirth and merriment ensues.

Fake hand holding one side of the bowl, real hand on the other, the other real hand in a hole at the bottom hiding then handing out the candy.

For grownup house guests that are friends with a good sense of humor, you could also grab their hand as they reached into the bowl.

A non-Halloween variation of this could be a party trick where you play a game of "What's inside the box". Instead of a bowl of candy you have a box with a curtain on it. The person reaches in to see what was put in using only touch and the perpetrator grabs their hand.

doctorremulac3, Nov 02 2018


       I'm pretty sure this is a lawsuit waiting to happen. The cardiac arrest years happen early nowadays.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 02 2018


       (takes fingers out of ears)
not_morrison_rm, Nov 02 2018


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