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Ham radio wireless networking

After the big one.
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People are loving the connectedness. But after a big disaster, how to get on the internet?

I propose ham radio could be used for this. The hams are ferociously independent and locally sustain their own transmission abilities. Ham radio transmission can go on with a local generator. If wireless transmission could re rejiggered to use ham frequencies this would be very useful after a disaster.

It might help to have a more parsimonious use of data than current web browsers like: perhaps a bare bones disaster browser?

bungston, Sep 30 2009

Alternative history of the internet Alternative_20Histo...of_20the_20Internet
got me thinking... [bungston, Sep 30 2009]


       Look up packet modems. This has been baked since long before the internet.
MechE, Sep 30 2009


       "I am only in my 4th day of network design so i could be wrong"
normzone, Sep 30 2009

       Isn't this the same as packet radio, and isn't it what Alohanet used?
nineteenthly, Sep 30 2009

       Packet radio occurred to me also, but, for reasons I can't quite explain, I got the feeling that's not what the idea is about.
tatterdemalion, Sep 30 2009


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