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Hammock Pants

hang yourself up for a nap, anywhere
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Feeling a little tired and nowhere to kip? Hammock Pants to the rescue! These reinforced denim overalls allow you to nap just about anywhere. Simply unfasten the front clasps, pull them up behind your head and click them together with their specially-designed super-strong snap-and-hook attachments. Down at the ankles are another set of connectors you click together to put your feet up. Hang yourself up in a tree, on a signpost, on the eaves trough, or if you're lucky, two posts about your length apart. When you're done, simply unclick, refasten your pants, and off you go.
lintkeeper2, May 08 2003

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       I like this idea but how do you manage to put both ends up. I think it would need some sort of rachet system.
sufc, May 08 2003

       //simply unclick, refasten your pants, and off you go//   

       Off the cliff you go.
Shz, May 09 2003

       I'm bunning this, though I have a question.
Do the pants come *off* or are they fitted with flappy bits to do this hammock business without necessitating arresting officers?
thumbwax, May 09 2003

       excellent. +1   

       I can see my cats wanting to come on board though.   

       is it difficult to unhitch yourself or would you have to resort to some bouncing about?
po, May 09 2003

       [thumb] don't take them off. Picture overalls rather than pants. [sufc] & [po] The ease in which one hangs and unhangs himself would depend on his size, shape and agility.
lintkeeper2, May 09 2003

       but your weight in the hammock (and I aint - little) would heed the unpinning process. this is a major obstacle and you can't fob me off with the overalls ploy :)   

       come to think of it the initial hitching is pretty much impossible too. I like this more and more by the minute.
po, May 09 2003

       pole pants let you set up hammock anytime, anywhere... hehehe.
k_sra, May 09 2003

       Thank you [arthur] for suggesting the accessories, sold separately.
lintkeeper2, May 09 2003

       I suggest bolting gear, carabiners, and rope (hence my ‘off the cliff’ anno). Sorry ‘bout that [lintkeeper2], I read too much into “nap, anywhere”. Ground level – I get it. <fishbone magically transforms into a croissant>
Shz, May 09 2003

       The latest in casual fashion. Will it include a means to hitch yourself up to someone else who has a pair, such that both of you could relax in tandom, (vs parallel), when your hitching posts are more than one pant length away from each other? (Feet-to-feet, I would suggest, so that you could carry on a casual conversation as you lounge in your trendy Hammock Pants)
dwang, May 09 2003

       don't you bring your filthy innuendoes in here, stranger. :)
po, May 09 2003

       perhaps some sort of spring mechanism in the sholder straps to avoid wedgies whilst unclipping the feet?
urbanmatador, May 09 2003

       [dwang] you can clip to anything and anyone. The possibilities are endless. [um] funny you should bring that up....my very first post was a heavily-fishboned wedgie prevention device. May come in handy yet.
lintkeeper2, May 09 2003

       [lint], I love this idea. It would be excellent for backpackers traveling on a very low budget (you can always hang yourself from a tree and save yourself some money). Amazing!
Pericles, May 11 2003

       "My fadduh hung me on a hook once. ONCE!"
--Danny Vermin, "Johnny Dangerously", 1984 (WTAGIPBAN)
krelnik, May 11 2003

       //Reminds me of that Aussie t-shirt "the koala eats roots and leaves."//   

       Old joke, and badly set up I'm afraid, but still a classic.   

       Koala's only eat one type of leaf. That's why they aren't around a large percent of the country. And they won't eat roots =\   

       Try the wombat though Toejam ;)   

       anyhoo, back on topic. I like this. Croissant for you lintkeeper. But would they look any good? They would sell better if you didn't look like a yokel or a mechanic.
QuisCat, May 12 2003

       The problem is reaching a comfort level where you can fall asleep, yes? Keeping them even, not getting your crotch caught...   

       It would be much easier to fall asleep with the "Hammock Necklace." Uncommonly so.
AllenChristopher, May 12 2003

       What is keeping my head from drooping?
crabbie, May 12 2003

       It will be impossible to fasten yourself in this manner. You cannot get the second end attached.
waugsqueke, May 12 2003

       Come-Alongs should do it.
Tiger Lily, May 12 2003

       [waugs] I did not say it would be easy. I did say "the ease in which one hangs and unhangs himself would depend on his size, shape and agility."
Perhaps you should try hanging your feet up first, then your head, if you're having so much trouble the other way 'round.
lintkeeper2, May 12 2003

       // I did say "the ease in which one hangs and unhangs himself would depend on his size, shape and agility." //   

       And I am saying this is not true. It is impossible to hang (and therefore unhang) yourself in this manner, regardless of size, shape or agility.
waugsqueke, May 12 2003

       fantastic, lint.   

       I would propose this could be well adopted by the airlines. If we can figure out a way to stagger "cattle" (airline-speak for passengers) properly, we can layer individuals, giving people more personal space but taking up less "footprint"..
mahatma, May 13 2003

       /micro pulleys, belays and lightweight rope, / available from outlets of Bootstraps Inc. You'd have to have incredible abs for this to work. And how to get down again? Abs-seil! <boom-tish>.
egbert, May 13 2003

       Wouldn't one feel cold in the legs?
PauloSargaco, May 13 2003

       Have to try it sometime.   

       // On the contrary: using micro pulleys, belays and lightweight rope... //   

       Well of course there are a hundred ways you could do it using other gear and equipment. You could have a crane lower you into place, too. You're not going to have any of that with you when you are out at the 'hang' location. There'll be just you and the jeans.   

       I'm saying it's impossible as described by the author. There is no other equipment mentioned.
waugsqueke, May 13 2003

       "....accessories, sold separately"......way back near the beginning. Not impossible to do without, though. Do go try.
lintkeeper2, May 13 2003

       As the accessories are integral to the operation of the idea, lintkeeper, you should add them to the idea.   

       And as the author of the idea, the onus is on you to describe how to use your invention. If, as you say, it is possible to use it without the accessories, I would like you to describe the process. I maintain it cannot be done.
waugsqueke, May 13 2003

       // What of healthy discussions on the merits or flaws of ideas in the form of anno'ing? //   

       That's fine. Of course. This case is different, in that the idea is not workable without items mentioned in annotations. Generally in these cases, authors tend to add these mentions to the idea body, so that a first-time reader can comprehend the workable version of the idea without having to read every single anno to get it.   

       As I read the idea, the "specially-designed super-strong snap-and-hook attachments" are not accessories, merely methods of attaching the pants to the hooks and are part of the pants themselves. However, it is clear the pants are being worn at the time, and therefore, without outside assistance or other accessories, attachment of both ends is not possible.   

       However, none of this is relevent anyway, as the author has stated the idea is workable without the accessories, but has refused to explain how the impossible bit is actually possible.
waugsqueke, May 13 2003

       I imagine that the necessary support hardware for those less than muscularly inclined (which I assume is also stowed somewhere in your pants) might make some rather protrusive bulges in your pants, which some may appreciate.

I'm still having a bit of trouble with this application when it involves someone who is not strong in the upper body and might not have purchased the optional hardware, but the invention seems to lend itself to the intended purpose. It would seem that once a person gets him/herself properly situated, he/she is probably so exhausted that he/she will NEED a nap.

Perhaps you should market this product with a nifty looking pair of nickers, which will not offend the general public as the user takes off the pants and hangs them in a suitable position for napping and climbs in?

I'll remain neutral for now.
X2Entendre, May 13 2003

       If I changed the main body of my idea everytime someone anno'ed an improvement, the anno's themselves would not make much sense, and I have quite enjoyed coming back to see the evolution over the past few days. All part of the 'bakery, wouldn't you agree? (see Help page, under Ideas, 1st sentence of 2nd paragraph)
As for how to hitch yourself up without additional equipment, here's one method: Find two rough-barked trees about 5ft apart. Picture that each has a "Y" about 5ft up. Hang up your head end first. If you now reach up and grab your head-hanging straps (or even one of the tree branches) you can bear quite a lot of your weight there whilst you either
A) click your ankles together first and work your way up the other tree using your feet, or
B) do it one foot at a time, then connect your ankles together.
Next, just let go. Piece of cake, really.
lintkeeper2, May 13 2003

       In an attempt to prove waugs wrong, I laid a hammock on the floor, lay down on top of it and then tried to hook it to the trees. I couldn't.   

       I then sewed in a velcro lining and, donning my velcro suit, attempted lintkeepers method. I'm now suspended horizontally in mid-air, looking at the ground. There is no cake in sight...
egbert, May 14 2003

       I assumed "overalls" to be an intercontinental term. Here, the name refers to pants/trousers that go up higher at the front and the back, with a connecting strap over each arm. Like Tom Sawyer wore.
lintkeeper2, May 14 2003

Overalls can have sleeves as well in England. The strap infested garments are also known as dungarees. Which, ironically, sounds distinctly aboriginal to me.
egbert, May 15 2003

       //Overalls can have sleeves as well//   

       in america, overalls (dungarees) with sleeves are called coveralls. so...   


       what naturally follows is that straps in the united states equal sleeves in great britian. makes perfect sense.
urbanmatador, May 15 2003

       straps = sleeves?   

       that cannot be right surely.
po, May 15 2003

       In UK dungarees are usually, but not always, denim.
egbert, May 16 2003

       Why hasn't someone created an illustration of this yet??!?!! It would be hilarious! Please someone draw something!!
funkychunky, May 16 2003

       I would be happy to illustrate, however my embryonic net skills do not include knowing how to post somewhere. The linking part, I get.
lintkeeper2, May 16 2003

       I can't help annotating this one. Any chance to "discuss" with [waugsqueke] I'll take.   

       It's possible.   

       1) Hook up your head
2) Holding yourself up with one leg, lift the other as high as possible, and clip it to the second post.
3) Relax, and rest the unclipped leg on the first.

       (OK, requires some minimal amount of flexibility, but if you don't have it, well sorry, not all inventions work for everybody--you can't use rollerblades if you're confined to a wheelchair)
oxen crossing, Oct 23 2003

       Thank you [oxen], as I've been saying all along, it is possible to hang yourself up and get yourself down. But you won't see [waugs] here again, once proven wrong.
lintkeeper2, Oct 24 2003

       AWESOME. I would buy one! +1 In an pinch, you could also use for fishing, catching foxes, or hanging dolls in a corner. The outfits could start a new craze at kink clubs too!
SeriousBusiness, Aug 21 2007


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