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Day Hammock

relaxational recreational equipment
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One of my goto possessions is a folding-lawnchair backpack. A true gem of conveniality, it allows for a long handsfree stroll, followed by a setdown at the destination, or along the way.

The proferred piece of equipment is similar, but specifically geared towards a stroll in (or to) a wood or forested area, and an afternoon snooze :

A backpack lounge-hammock.

While a bit more limited in use (hammocks need trees or similar to work right), it's compact and much lighter than the aluminium-framed lawnchair. Tie-flaps and pouches secure webbing and ropes when in transit. When installed to a pair of trees (or a fencepost and an accomodating cow, whatever), the provisions pouches and fabric cupholder, hanging from the sides and bottom, are easily accessible.

One flap sports a silkscreened diagram showing how to pack/unpack the backpack with ease, another the proper fastening knots to use.

FlyingToaster, May 18 2015

mini-hammock http://preppers.nl/...d=2403&d=1356693385
[xenzag, May 18 2015]


       // much lighter //   

       Probably not. Anything from "Slightly heavier" to "A little lighter", but not "much lighter".   

       Rope and fixings/carabiners, two spacer struts for the mesh, and the mesh itself. And it's all got to be tough enough to stand rough service. A couple of kilos at least …
8th of 7, May 18 2015

       The aluminium lawnchair backpack is 4 kilos, though most of the annoyance is with the bulkiness and lack of a quick-release, rather than the weight. An hammock would be 2-3kg at most, not counting beverages in the insulated compartment. Set it up between crowd-control barriers at an airshow and airmail me a bun, Borg.
FlyingToaster, May 18 2015

       You have room in your weight limit for some sleeved together aluminum tubing to deploy as a stand for one end thereby reducing by 50% the need for trees.
cudgel, May 18 2015

       I have a hammock which fits into a carrying pouch that is about the size of a small camera bag. The whole idea is already totally baked unless I am not understanding it.
xenzag, May 18 2015

       Your pouch thing sounds good (is that your link?), but you're either carrying it around in your hand, or slinging it over your shoulder if it has straps (getting messed with by treebranches if you're on a narrow path), and then where do you put the beer and chips ? A larger backpack would work, but that's a pain in itself.   

       Once attached, the day hammock also keeps the rest of your things off the ground as well.   

       The idea is for a purpose-designed backpack-hammock, which folds into itself neatly for wearing, and has a couple pouches for other stuff as well. Strictly a walk-in-the-park thing, not heavily constructed enough to serve as a serious hiking backpack.
FlyingToaster, May 18 2015


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