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Hammock Sunshade

Your taking a peacefull nap...
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And the earth moves into a position to where the sun blasts its rays right into your eyes and you wake up. Great.

Pull down the weather-proof hammock sunshade colored to fit the rest of the hammock, over your head, close your eyes, go back to sleep. No matter how bright the sun gets, or where it moves, no more bright glaring sun in your eyes while resting in the great outdoors. The shade could attach by clipping onto the end of the hammock, and could extend/retract in a telescopic kind of way.

paperclip987, Feb 02 2005

Jungle Hammock http://www.junglehammock.com/
a bit excessive, perhaps, but it keeps the bugs out [tiromancer, Feb 02 2005]

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       You can get something similar to the link in surplus stores for around 30 USD.   

       Other options: tarp, umbrella, brimmed cap.   

       Maybe something like the hood on a baby stroller?
tiromancer, Feb 02 2005


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