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Hamster Powered Parmesan Grater

exercise hamster while grating cheese
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Hamster Powered Parmesan Grater generates a pile of grated parmesan while providing valuable exercise activity for your pet.

It's a simple device consisting of a cylinder with leg supports, that attaches to the existing hamster's similarly sized exercise wheel via an extension to the central spindle. This means that the cheese grating component is placed entirely outside of the hamster's enclosure, but is connected directly to the wheel inside.

The extra cyclinder is of course the grater, to which a block of parmesan is pressed automatically via a spring loaded hopper as soon as movement of the wheel is detected.

Your hamster can now run along merrily, and you can relax as a pile of nicely grated cheese builds up as a result of his worthy efforts.

xenzag, Mar 01 2023

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[a1, Mar 01 2023]

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       Same old anonymous negativity. Nothing has changed here. I'll drop back in a few months time. (If the place exists by then)
xenzag, Mar 01 2023

       I can tell you why I don't like the idea, but what you really want is for me to like the idea, and I don't. I don't like the idea because it's not at all original. You've added an arbitrary purpose to a well-discussed power source.
Voice, Mar 01 2023

       Grating cheese adds a LOT of friction to the system. I'm sceptical that a hamster would be able to power it. Maybe geared down to increase the torque? Slower cheese, but more feasible.
neutrinos_shadow, Mar 01 2023

       [neutrinos_shadow] - I agree. Direct drive wouldn't work, it would need some kind of gearing.   

       [Voice] - Granted, there are tens if not hundreds of hamster-power related ideas on HB and elsewhere. But this is a cheese grater!   

       (thinks for a moment, wonders if there's prior cheese grating art, tries to compose a narrow enough search phrase ...)
a1, Mar 01 2023

       A suggestion to make this meet the "novelty" requirement:   

       Re-arrange the cage, wheel, gearing system, and grater so the hamster can SEE the block of cheese but the only way they can try to reach it is by running on the wheel. Of course, they can't ever reach it that way, but a spring-loaded lever will periodically flip a bit of cheese into the cage for them.   

       There you have it - exercise with positive reinforcement, with nicely grated cheese on the side.
a1, Mar 01 2023

       Parmesan powered hamster grater
Parmesan grater powered hamster
Grater powered Parmesan hamster
pocmloc, Mar 01 2023

       Now anagram it by scrambling the letters instead of just the words.
a1, Mar 01 2023

       This bone-cancelling bun is awarded on behalf of [a1].

Voice, Mar 01 2023

       //Parmesan powered hamster grater//   

       Hmm, doable .. parmesan is relatively dry, for cheese .. and if powdered first by a Hamster Powered Parmesan Grater, adeqautely geared a la [a1] of course, might burn adequately well for some form of small combustion engine .. have the grated parmesan provided by your hamster powered parmesan grater fall into a hopper with a weight trigger, when sufficient has been provided it triggers the parmesan motors ignition and reverses the process spinning the hamster wheel in which razors now fip out on the inside.   

       Was that what you had in mind [poc]?
Skewed, Mar 01 2023

       Powdered hamster combustion?
Voice, Mar 01 2023

       Don't be asking what I have in mind, you wouldn't like the answer
pocmloc, Mar 01 2023

       You overestimate me.
Voice, Mar 02 2023

       I just feel left out and am leaving an annotation because I can.   

       They're attaching spinning razors to a hamster wheel. I'm happy to be left out of that.
pertinax, Mar 02 2023

       If one hamster isn't enough for torque, we can always add a few hundred more. Or, I wonder, can we get lemmings to spin wheels?   

       Or, have them run a small generator that powers up a battery storage bank. Naturally, we'd have a huge battery storage bank that would discharge several thousand volts quickly to attack our enemies[strikethrough] defend the keep [strikethrough] grate an exceedingly large cheese wheel once every few weeks.
RayfordSteele, Mar 02 2023


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