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Hamster's Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of fortune powered by a hamster
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A hamster's exercise wheel's outer rim, redesigned as a mini replica casino's wheel of fortune. Mounted in front of the wheel is a camera to enlarge the action of the numbers clicking, as the wheel spins around.

Bets are placed in the usual manner, and punters watch until our rodent friend gets tired/bored etc and steps out of the wheel allowing it to spin to a halt.

If the wheel stops at an "H" the hamster gets all the takings.

xenzag, Jan 31 2008

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       + I love it, but is *H* a number?
xandram, Jan 31 2008

       "until our rodent friend gets tired/bored" - that could take all night, based on various rodent friends I have had.
DrCurry, Jan 31 2008

       ... if it takes all night then there will be oodles of bets that have accumulated, making it even better as the tension mounts.
xenzag, Jan 31 2008

       So we could cross-bet on WHEN the wheel will stop, also. "I'll put ten bucks on even numbers at 20 minutes past the hour."   

       I've seen tour bus drivers chalk numbers onto their tires, and the passengers play lottery on which will be next to an arrow when the bus stops.
baconbrain, Jan 31 2008

       Wealthy Hamsters...there's a thought
Blisterbob, Jan 31 2008

       Good point, [tat].
baconbrain, Jan 31 2008


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