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Hamsterwheel Pedometer

How far has your hamster run?
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I want to know how far my friends hamster has run on its little wheel. Why not a little pedometer-type thing, that measures how far the little bugger has run during the day?

Soon enough, you will find that 'Snuffles' has run far enough to get to neighbouring towns and villages...

froglet, Dec 03 2005

When Hamsters Attack http://www.whenhamstersattack.com
Thanks for giving me a reason to post this. [hidden truths, Dec 04 2005]

"Hamster Pedometer" http://www.ailove.c.../english/prod08.htm
Only link I can find... and it's just about number of rotations rather than distance traveled. [st3f, Dec 06 2005]


       No - It'll encourage them to grow bigger if you don't.
Dub, Dec 04 2005

       //It'll encourage them to grow bigger if you don't//   

       'Attack of the Gigantic Hamsters' - sounds like a bad movie.
froglet, Dec 04 2005

       Hamster's don't have to be gigantic to attack. See link.
hidden truths, Dec 04 2005

       <looks at [hidden truths] link> *Falls off chair laughing* </la[ht]l>
froglet, Dec 04 2005

       Ha! if only hamsters were alowed here Great link [hidden truths]
gorjabuble, Dec 06 2005


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