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Handed Figure 8 Glasses

Left or right handed glasses shaped like a figure 8
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This is an idea for a pair of eyeglasses with the rims shaped in a not quite closed figure 8. The glass itself could be twisted so that one eye looked through one side of the glass while the other eye looked through the other side. A more fashionable version could extend and exaggerate the frames so that one side bent down the face and the other bent up over the head.

They could be made by twisting a molten glass oval with a plastic ring, almost 180 degrees.

JesusHChrist, May 07 2014



       Are these intended to be a flat glass fashion statement, or actual corrective lenses? The former is relatively easy, the latter would be a royal pain to grind.
MechE, May 07 2014

       Glasses' prescriptions wouldn't work with this, but martini glass eye wear would get my bun. +
xandram, May 07 2014


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