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HUD Glasses

Heads up for my glasses
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I'm so tired of keeping a watch on hand (or wrist) and I'm tired of asking others what time it is and I'm starting to get tired of looking for clock towers or fixtures in rooms. With those batteries that can recharge from body movement why can't I put one of those on the arm of my glasses? Now all I have to do is attach a device closer to the lens so that it can project the time. Now, when someone asks the time all I have to do is look up and to the right and reply, "it's 2:30"
barnzenen, Oct 21 2002

hud http://www.hud.org
[thumbwax, Oct 22 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


8th of 7, Oct 22 2002

       I know modern life is supposed to be getting more hectic and dealine driven, but I gave up wearing a watch some years ago (kept loosing them) and was suitably surprised how good I have become estimating the time to a reasonable degree of accuracy, and its an odd occasion when I am late for something these days. However, I am now blissfully unaware how late my train is. Which is good - having the time in near constant vision I feel could make life seem more stressful.
namaste, Oct 22 2002

       HUD shades will be one of the things we'll never fathom how we got by without.
General Washington, Oct 22 2002

       If the time were projected on the outside of the shades, no one would have to ask the time; they'd just stare at you and know.   

(_02_/ \_30_)
FarmerJohn, Oct 22 2002

       Ooo!! ooo! HUD shades hooked to some kind of wearable webcam chick appraisal and heading instruction system. HOW GOOD WOULD THAT BE?!?   

       'Hottie at 5 o'clock' projected onto shades. (people in office wondering why he is wearing mirror shades indoors when its grey and rainy outside)
Zircon, Oct 22 2002

       What does knowing the time have to do with Housing and Urban Development?
snarfyguy, Oct 22 2002

       Or Paul Newman for that matter.
blissmiss, Oct 22 2002

       A version is available that continuously projects an image of Patricia Neal in your peripheral vision, and she gives you helpful advice as you go about your life.
krelnik, Oct 22 2002

       Can I have Marina Sirtis in mine ?
8th of 7, Oct 22 2002

       I had a martini made out of that just the other day. It was soooo smooth.
blissmiss, Oct 22 2002

       You could wake up one morning and decide to see the world from a top down perspective, like some computer games. Problem is that you would have to have a spy sattelite.
Alphaman, Oct 22 2002

       //top down// Hmmm, there may be an idea in that.   

       There was a classic experiment where a subject wore glasses that showed him the world_upside-down_. At first it was totally disorienting, but after some time, his brain actually adjusted to it! He was able to function quite normally seeing everything upside down.   

       When he took the glasses off again, he had to re-learn how to see reality. The experiment was by George Stratton over 100 years ago, I think recent versions have been done with webcams and inverted displays.
krelnik, Oct 22 2002

       It would work a lot better if you could also call on infra red. That way you could still see youself plus surroundings if you go inside.
Alphaman, Oct 22 2002

       Another thing you could do would be to see what somebody else was seeing if they had a camera built into theit HUD glasses. Maybe one for the people who like reality TV.
Alphaman, Oct 22 2002

       Didn't that bloke on who wants to be a millionaire use this sort of system to cheat? He had all the answers on his HUD glasses. Or am I just imagining things again?
NickTheGreat, Oct 24 2002

       I have a slight variation on this that is much more practical.   

       I do a little amateur theatre, and really struggle with a couple of things. Firstly it takes ages for me to memorize my lines, so I end up trying to act and hold my script at the same time, which usually doesn't work, because I end up spending more time battling to hold on to the script, or finding my line.   

       A hud is the perfect solution. Lines projected on to a spectable lens with a forward/backward control unit mounted on one of the hands via a glove.   

       This is a really practical idea for amateur actors.   

       Of course, the other idea is that I just learn my lines!
gillgren, Jan 13 2003

       I had an idea for this this weekend, and of course, I've been beaten to the punch. Anyway, here's a [+] for not having to wear a watch or continually flicking on my cellphone for the time.   

       My idea was to look up and to the left.
Noexit, Apr 14 2008


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