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Hands On store

Stores sell only items that are often returned due to customer's physical senses unhappiness
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What is wonderful product for some is unacceptable for others. Some things are difficult to buy through mail order as you can't see, smell, taste, try on, feel or hear the product online.

This is why there is a "shop local, buy online" trend where people go to the store to get the "feel" for the preferred product, then go home and order online to save money due to less robot shoplifting and shrinkage costs at warehouses, and to choose a seller that does not have to collect sale tax. There is also less shrinkage at the "Hands on" store because there it is easy to tell if an item is missing from its display spot.

This "Hands On" Store idea specializes in items that are often returned to on-line sellers due to customer dissatisfaction with items that did not meet the expectations of their physical senses. To save on returns expensive to the buyer and seller, the store has demo products you choose from and then the store sends the actual product to you mail order from the main warehouse.

When you select an item(s) to buy, the store will show you a list of the product prices at other legitimate stores and guarantee to price match the lowest price item -- this could be done under special circumstances like Christmas, Mother's day, Valentine's day, or all the time depending on the how the profit numbers look.

This saves the consumer from having to go back home and locate the product on-line at the best price.

This is somewhat similar to a "Service Merchandise" franchise that used to exist that had only a display product on the shelve. When you decided what you wanted you filled out a slip of paper with the product number, gave it to the clerk, the clerk contacted the warehouse in the back of the store and they brought the product out to you. But that chain had to ship inventory to, maintain and pay inventory tax on the inventories of multiple warehouses.

Sunstone, Apr 25 2020




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