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Handwashing Enforcement

Are You Worried About Where Your Waiter's Hands Have Been?
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A simple door locking device should be installed in the bathrooms of all food service establishments. The door can not be opened until the water taps have been turned on and off. An infra-red sensor might ensure that hands actually passed under the flow to deter cheating. If this constitutes illegal imprisonment, how about a flashing red light and alarm that goes off when someone tries to exit without paying attention to their personal cleanliness?
Rm Brz, Mar 11 2002


       I'm almost certain that such a device would be a violation of fire code (the locking part). It'd probably be effective just to have a camera over the sinks for a supervisor to ensure that washing goes on.
lumpy, Mar 11 2002

       I think it boils down to trust... if you can't trust your food preparer people to wash their hands, there are about a hundred other gross things they could be doing to your food also (I won't elaborate); probably better to just go to another restaurant in that case.
Jeremi, Mar 11 2002

       The flashing red light and alarm is reminiscent of a gary larson far side cartoon, which shows a man coming out of a toilet in a restaurant, with a big flashing sign above his head saying "DIDN'T WASH HANDS!"
kaz, Mar 11 2002

       How about putting a water soluble ink in toilet paper. Make it bright blue so you could see if they had used it and then not washed their hands (though kitchen staff would look like baboons after a couple of wipes. Still you wouldn't have to see that!)
dare99, Mar 11 2002

       Bit rough if you have a cold too.
dare99, Mar 11 2002

       Another Other:General posting.   

       I'm pretty sure we've done this one before, but I'm too busy to check right now.
phoenix, Mar 11 2002

       I can't find one.
dare99, Mar 11 2002

       I suspect the idea as described would just lead to people turning water briefly on, then off.
To answer the subtitle question, no, not at all. I suspect the hygiene of the personell is not a significant problem compared to the ingredients.
jutta, Mar 11 2002

       How comforting to know that the proliferation of antimicrobal products encourages the survival of the strongest strains of microorganisms.
reensure, Mar 11 2002

       (theres that hygiene fixation again) For years and years no one worried about wearing plastic gloves and what not, just followed a few basic precautions. Unless you want to raise yor own animals and grow your own veggies someone will always have their hands on your food.
rbl, Mar 12 2002

       How about a badge (ring?) that notes when an employee enters the bathroom and logs a violation if the employee doesn't spend x amount of time at the sink prior to leaving?
phoenix, Mar 12 2002

       You might be able to detect the water flow, or whether the hands went under it - but what if they scratch their crotch on the way out?
blainez, Mar 12 2002

       Replace the staff's hands with self-sterilising metal claws. Permanently heated from within to a suitable, pathogen boiling temperature. Ooh, hang on - potential johnson singe hazard. Okay, they'll have to wear an asbestos ring about the old chap.
Saveloy, Mar 12 2002

       Thus eliminating the need for knifes and other implements.
rbl, Mar 12 2002

       [PeterSealy] ...although butchers appear to be allowed to handle food and money - I was recently handed a £5 note in my change at my local butcher which had a blob of fresh meat on. I now try and have the exact change, but have noticed that a lot of other people just say "Put it on my account". I must try that.
hippo, Mar 12 2002

       I have worked in a few restaurants in my student days and if you tend to be a demanding or rude customer then where the waiters hands have been is the least of your worries.
IvanIdea, Mar 12 2002

       "Put it on my account".   

       What a brilliant way for them to get cash up front to invest before you come in again! Maybe that blob of meat on the note was no accident?
threeoutside, Mar 12 2002

       My concerns arise from a recent episode that happened here in the NY metropolitan area where I live.Thousands of people had to be tested for a form of bacterial food poisoning that resulted from a restaurant employee preparing food after a trip to the bathroom and not washing his hands. The situation was exacerbated by the fact that salad was prepared at one location, and sent to two other eateries, effectively contaminating several counties on Long Island (The restaurant owners thought it would be a good idea to make it up to their hospitalized customers by offering them a free meal). Having been in the restaurant business myself, I realize that obnoxious, arrogant and demanding customers should know enough to stay home (I could post a general list of "DO NOTS" for customers here, but that might be another idea): my point is that those of us who are human beings and treat servers with respect will still be at the hygienic mercy of people who do not care, do not know, or cannot be bothered.
Rm Brz, Mar 14 2002

       Some friends told a story yesterday about their young child who is just learning to go to the restaurant bathroom by himself. Upon returning to the table after one such venture, he announced in a voice audible to the entire restaurant, "Mommy, that man didn't wash his hands!"
beauxeault, Mar 14 2002


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