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Hans Christian Badminton

Mix the tension of the game, with the tension of the story
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The umpire during a tennis match, reads out a fairytale, joke, news report or whatever has been organised before the match, through a PA system so everyone in the stadium can listen quite clearly. The delivery has pauses here and there to coincide with each player hitting and returning the ball - as well as ruling for the match.

" It was very late.. yet the little mermaid ... could ...not take her eyes from the ship ....or from the ... beautiful . .. OUT! ADVANTAGE RODDICK!"

The traditional badminton version, centers mostly around Aesop's Fables, and players may dress as the characters in these delightful strories for children.

benfrost, Feb 15 2005


       [+] for the name.
Pericles, Feb 16 2005

       Funny how you start rating ideas on the creator's past performance. I was about to bone this as it's pretty below par for [benfrost], but that seems to be unfair punishment for him having posted some really funny ones before. Neutral.
wagster, Feb 16 2005

       There's so much drivel on the Bakery these days, so I thought it was time to revive some of the minor classics (in my opinion) Gem - especially the title +
xenzag, Nov 09 2007

       hehe, thanks [xen] +
xandram, Nov 09 2007


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