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Happy Birthday Halfbakery

Halfbakery started August 10th
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It's been 4 years since Halfbakery started. In human years that's not saying much, however in Internet years and or Computer years that's quite old.

Congrats, Jutta. Thanks to the moderators.

I'd say we should all celebrate, but that's advocacy.

I'd suggest that it would be nice to celebrate but that's a WIBNI.

I'd tell you why I think this site is a success, but that would be theory.

If I said think back to what you were doing 4 years ago, then it would be a let's all.

I can't tell you how to make a cake for this day 'cause that would be a straight recipe.

I'm frightfully sorry this could be mistaken for a list.

Anymore stuff I add onto this could make it MFD.

sartep, Aug 10 2003

Halfbakeryday http://www.halfbake.../idea/Halfbakeryday
[reap]'s idea [Detly, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Back when this was started, half a croissant was 50 cents. I'm sure there has been inflation since then.
sartep, Aug 10 2003

       I'm not going to pay the same price for half a stale croissant.   

       You mean plutonium foil has been keeping it young?
sartep, Aug 10 2003

lintkeeper2, Aug 10 2003

       The half-baked birthday party... would that be where only your family show up, and are really patronising?   

       Congratulations :)
Detly, Aug 10 2003

       Congratulations, Jutta. And Happy Halfbakeryday to the rest of us!
k_sra, Aug 10 2003

       Nice, warm, fuzzy feeling, um, bun.
thumbwax, Aug 10 2003

       Should be a global holiday.   

       One Croissant-shaped Cake (to feed hundreds) would be appropriate.
Cedar Park, Aug 11 2003

       Four years makes you an old timer? Disgraceful. Old age just ain't what it used to be.
DrBob, Aug 11 2003

       happy birthday hb and thank you jutta.
po, Aug 11 2003

       What [po] said.
PeterSilly, Aug 11 2003

       Croissants for all!
st3f, Aug 11 2003

       I think a halfparty is in order. With jelly (jello electrophoresis fun!) and coco-nutz ice cream, party games and halfbakaraoke.
Jinbish, Aug 11 2003

       If the birth of the internet circa 1991 is compared to the age of the universe (The internet being kinda a expanding universe of its own :D).... then half bakery is around 4.5 BILLION years old   

venomx, Aug 11 2003

       // and coco-nutz ice cream, party games and halfbakaraoke //   

       ... and something with Custard, presumably?
jonthegeologist, Aug 11 2003

       I am happy to have found this website. Thanks everybody for sharing their creativity and I hope next aniversary there will be more latin people around.   

       Feliz cumpleaños!!
Pericles, Aug 11 2003

       A very very very happy halfbirthday to all.
HB, I owe you so many friends, like Vickie, Will, and Tomos. Thanks a lot, Jutta, and all you trolls 'n' pedants that make this a fun place to be.
motive power, Aug 11 2003

       Amazing place. Amazing people.
Susen, Aug 11 2003

       is this our eigth half-birthday? congrats and thanks for the entertainment one and all.
neilp, Aug 11 2003


       Susen <waves like mad>
po, Aug 11 2003

       Hi, [susen].
angel, Aug 11 2003

       Thanks [jutta] for the fun, thanks all for making it special. Heres to the next the next 28 years. Dog years, that is.
silverstormer, Aug 11 2003

       What everyone else said. Ohh, but that's just so unoriginal isn't it?
There once was a halfbakery,
Whose banter was class repartee,
But ideas that fell short,
Were trounced just for sport,
And then marked with a large [m-f-d]!

       Happy fourth birthday to one and all!
As an aside - who is the oldest halfbaker? I know I got here quite early (earlier even than the 3 and a bit that my profile suggests as I first lurked across these pages under another name), but I know I was nowhere near the first. Jutta, please tell us, who are the oldest ones still here? And who was the very first?
goff, Aug 11 2003

bristolz, Aug 11 2003

       ...and the Coven of Eldest, and the one who upheld the post of Very First were aghast at the possibility of having their venerability disclosed to the general bakeulation.
Only certain havoc could ensue from such a blatant breach of anonymity.


       An exhaustive search of the meta scrolls contained within the great Juttian library was undertaken in hopes of finding some precedent, some Hamerabic technicality, which might prevent this catastrophic reversal of non-awareness.
But to no avail.
The mighty floodgates barring the dreaded Fre Edomo Finfermati on shores of Loc Mess from crashing down upon those unsuspecting dreamers of mod was threatening collapse. Its mighty timbers groaning and creaking with the weight of the countless secrets held precariously in check behind it’s, as yet, impregnable hold.

Would the tiny, yet closely knit, civilization of Dowere Allywantok now have to finally face the truth known only to their forebakers?
Would the one, known only as goff, call to the surface of his or her descrying cube the files of pro, which appear at the merest sound of a click upon the icon of each member’s sacred name, in order to study their dates of origin, thereby sparing his people this unimaginable fate?

Only time will tell.


       Well, maybe not only time.   

       (raises hand) I know!! It's Jutta.</blatantly obvious>
Worldgineer, Aug 12 2003

       ...and how much alcohol was involved.
Detly, Aug 12 2003

       2 Fries, you're right of course, but there's an awful lot of users to scroll through and check - I just wondered if jutta had some nifty background job to sort them by join date.
goff, Aug 12 2003

       There is also the fact that some users have used various accounts that were deleted some time ago.
Jinbish, Aug 12 2003

       BTW, a bit of research:
There are about 14763 ideas on this site. They breakdown by year as follows:
2003 4471
2002 4744
2001 3756
2000 1746
1999 46

There are only 46 ideas in 1999 (which haven't since been deleted by people leaving db cleanup or whatever), which were:
cradle bed
wonder woman's living room
Distributed computing trinkets
Road tunes
sushi furniture
TV for Windows CE
broadcast encryption
turn maps
speed maps
Internet Payment Network
optimizing food assemblies
bidding for greens
astronomer's clock
paint world
personalized postcards
sound-seeking swivel base
Hot Spare, Inc.
waiting party line
my first URL
restaurant payment protocol
universal alert
school bus driver
C exception handling macros
rainbow cars
vote histogram
time shift
nose cam
bullshit detector
Virtual Living Room
light-sensing display
future email address
desktop videophone
two-way drones
Most of them are jutta's (and bizarrely have creation dates in jan99 - guess it took 8 months to get the site up and working??). The oldest anno I can find is from mab, on the desktop videophone, who joined on Aug 10th. And his is also the first non-jutta idea - millimach. There are also some early annos from waxmaker - but no ideas. Was this thumbwax in another guise?
Can't spend any more work time on doing this now - but interesting to look back and see how it all started.
Checkout NetJukeBox - sounds like napster over wireless network and completely bakeable four years on...
goff, Aug 12 2003

       In this fast changing world, 28 years* is no small feat! I baked you a cake, but my dog got to it first.   


       * dog years
kamenmann, Aug 12 2003

       goff: <yoda>much to learn you still have</yoda>   

       You missed these:   

       transcripTV • Dec 29 98
high-end whiteboards • Dec 23 98
pop thesaurus • Dec 18 98
Chez Monitor • Dec 06 98
valvo • Nov 30 98
frequency translator • Nov 24 98
laundry balls • Jul 14 98
font morphing • Feb 28 98
electric pillbox • Jan 28 98
computerized lock • Oct 27 97
multilingual friends network • Sep 26 97
proportional honking • May 27 97
time travel radio • Mar 07 97
turn-alone • Mar 07 97
snow scraper • Dec 29 96

       I hope that doesn't affect your math.
DrCurry, Aug 12 2003

       I knew I had seen stuff from before 99.
bristolz, Aug 12 2003

       Ahhh...well when I filtered on date and scrolled backwards through every idea - actually once I'd filtered it I just manually adjusted the number in the URL to go backwards about 500 a time, and asked it to print a group count (which gave me the totals). Actually took away year totals from URL total, so this year may be out by a few.
However, you can only filter back to Jan 1999...I didn't think to search beyond this, but indeed a search on dates prior does come up with some. Read Chez Monitor where Jutta explains how the old ideas got on here but also notes the Halfbakery birthday. But yes, does affect the maths (why do we have more than one in britain?) but can't be bothered to add them on so you'll have to do it yourselves...
goff, Aug 12 2003

       Oh, see? We left out an important part of the half bakery birthday.   

       Happy Birthday to you too, Autoboner.   

       Glad to see you haven't left us.
sartep, Aug 13 2003

       from Chez Monitor   

       Dec 6th 1998! - Must be nearly the oldest idea in the HalfBakery... By the way, when is the HalfBakery's birthday?   

       hippo, Oct 03 2000      


              August 10, 1999. The halfbakery was seeded with a dozen or so old ideas; their timestamp in the halfbakery reflects the time they were first written, not the time the halfbakery was constructed around them.   

       jutta, Oct 03 2000   
sartep, Aug 13 2003

       Why would anyone fishbone this thread?
Detly, Aug 13 2003

angel, Aug 13 2003

       Don't like birthdays? It's not an idea? Couple possibilities.   

       Not my fishbone, though.
waugsqueke, Aug 13 2003


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