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Happy Birthday [8th]

Yeah, we miss you
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Some months ago I got to re-reading my archived pile of correspondence, all the back-and-forth that I'm sure many of us have. You never really realize just how much there is until you dig it all out and have the hours fly by. It's odd how someone you may never have met can seem more real than many you have, and how with some folks you just never seem to run out of things to talk about.

While fuzing some mortars recently with friends we got talking about various weapons of war to include the Claymore antipersonnel mine, which has the words FRONT TOWARDS ENEMY thoughtfully embossed on the casing in large helpful letters, and how much time probably went by before that helpful reminder was added. Made me think of [8th].

Jon, if there's more to life than this, we hope you're doing ok.

whatrock, Jul 07 2022


       8th Gone but never forgotten. That's how I feel about FarmerJohn. Gone but never, ever forgotten.
blissmiss, Jul 10 2022

       He will never, ever be forgotten as long as my memories last.
21 Quest, Jul 11 2022


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