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Happy Planet

How to see the sights from the safety of your backyard...
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Jim has been contemplating the fiery destruction of the planet earth --- again...

He figured that the best way to avoid this fate would be to move the planet into a higher orbit. He thought a bit more and decided in the end that the planet would be best freed from the dead suns grip...

Ever the optimist Jim knows that the core of the earth can (if it is not already) be heated by decay so that the inhabitants can still bask in the warmth of this radiation (since the suns will be gone).

Light (baked) and motion (requiring a loss of mass) are now Jims only concerns...

madness, Mar 17 2009


       Probably... I like to imagine there will be a few chevys rolling around calculating eta (--- for the roaches of course)...
madness, Mar 17 2009

       Guess so depends on how much mass and energy is required to sustain the planet. The energy requirement is easy it is the net input of the sun... the mass requirement is equal to the mass currently circulating in the carbon/hydrogen cycles operating at ambient temperatures...   

       I am pretty sure that the rest of the planets mass is redundant...
madness, Mar 17 2009

       Damn straight, upsetting something requires an impluse or a change of mass. I am guessing impulse on a gas giant is difficult...   

       In fact impulse on something with an atmosphere is similarly hard.
madness, Mar 17 2009

       Freeze the atmosphere then.
nineteenthly, Mar 17 2009

       There are several classic SF books that follow this theme. I'll check in my libary and report back....
eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 17 2009

       I am sure there was an earlier work about burrowing into the crust to life off the heat from radioactive decay of the slowly dying core. However the one I found was Brian Stableford's Journey to the Centre from 1982, which in not set on earth at all.
eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 19 2009

       Jim needs to sleep more and do less drugs...me thinks.
blissmiss, Mar 19 2009


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