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Haptic feedback window switch

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A gentle vibration to let you know without taking your eyes off the road that the window is fully closed, so you aren't burning out your switch or the window motor faster than necessary by holding it longer than needed to reassure yourself it's sealed.
21 Quest, Jun 06 2024

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       What kind of car do you have? The window motors in mine DO stop when the window is fully up. And I *hate* the switch on the driver's window. Seems to have a mind of its own on marching the window completely up, or down, when I want it only partway up and neither up nor down.
a1, Jun 06 2024

       The Grand Old Duke Of York had exactly the same problem with his car windows.

Most cars have window switches where if you press them hard and release them they shut the window fully and if you press them softly they will continue closing the window until you release the switch. Of course society has been going downhill since hand-cranked window winders were replaced by electric windows.
hippo, Jun 06 2024

       To be honest it probably does shut the motor off automatically, but it would still be nice when going through a car wash to have a positive feedback system to let me know it's fully closed without having to look or turn my music off to listen for the thud of the window connecting with the seal.
21 Quest, Jun 06 2024

       I rode in the back of a (modern, not antique) car last month and it had a crank handle to wind the window up and down.
pocmloc, Jun 07 2024

       Maybe it was an antique that had been made up to look like a modern car.
a1, Jun 07 2024


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