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Harvest the Earthquake

Make those plates do some real work!
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There are few terrestrial things which release more energy than an earthquake. In proper areas, it is possible to trigger earthquakes by injecting water. Presumably this acts as lube, allowing the plate to slip forward. Of course this could be used to bleed off strain and prevent big earthquakes. But why waste all the power of an earthquake?

I propose that [galukalock]-style piezoelectric huts be built over the earthquake field - a location far from populated areas. Earthquakes are periodically triggered and the energy harvested by the huts. It may be the the earthquake field will have to lie fallow for a while after the harvest. The huts and water injection device are portable. An added benefit - danger seekers can rent the huts and ride out the earthquake! Some huts might be populated by dogs and/or pigs to help sense earthquakes.

bungston, Feb 06 2004

Piezoelectric buildings http://www.halfbake...lectric_20Buildings
Inspiration! [bungston, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Earthquake on demand. http://www.seis.nag...ault/TaiwanProc.pdf
[bungston, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]

Put a hut on that p-hole http://www.popsci.c...precede-earthquakes
[4and20, Jan 03 2014]


       [bungston] I've read through your linked paper and there is a hiccup in the plan. All of the induced earthquakes were less than .6 on the Richter scale. This scale earthquake can only be measured - its just too small to feel.   

       The other point this paper fails to mention is that if you measure for earthquakes in earthquake zones, you'll record further earthquakes - that is to say that a direct cause of water injection and earthquake induction is not proven. These scientists could simply have been recording predictable aftershocks that had nothing to do with their water injection.   

       // the earthquake field - a location far from populated areas //   

       Tricky one this - look at where the Earthquake zones are - plot them on a map - then overlay a population detail and you'll note that billions live in Earthquake zones.   

       Conclusion : I don't think this is possible.
jonthegeologist, Feb 07 2004

       Yeah, and the bleed off strain part won't work either. Factors of 10 and the Richter scale. But why not hook up giant anchors on opposite sides of a moving fault and connect them with a big big piece of something strong in tension, and on one of the anchors, there's this gargantuan gearbox hooked up to a generator... Half an inch a year, but the torque is unstoppable.   

       (This is in here somewhere, isn't it?) (yeah, right up there on the right-Tectonic Plate Pulling Power, by FarmerJohn. Thanks, self. Don't mention it. Good night.)
oxen crossing, Feb 07 2004

       [bungston], don't get discouraged by the [ox...], just adjust your idea to add some real big balls to hang from a real big rope attached to a real big generator and you are in business; no Piezo involved (Mr. Piezo may not have balls at all).
kbecker, Feb 07 2004


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