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HashBin - Distributed Pastebin

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Instead of PasteID, each text pastes is stored as a hash like SHA3.

This will allow for multiple pastebin website clones to be linked together with a single reference to a file. If a file is not found in one webserver, it can ask around for reference to that file (before showing it and then caeching it).

Popular paste can be auto syncronised to other HashBins (some behind anonymity networks like tor), increasing resiliency against server takedowns.

If phone to phone mesh network become capable enough (instead of being artifically limited at the moment by phone makers), then apps can be created that can speak the same 'hashbin' syncing protocols. This will allow for accessing textfiles (and maybe small images like SVG diagrams), off other nearby phones via a 'hashbin' QR code (e.g. a hidden wifi mesh node acting as an offline hashbin repository).


Magnet links could be useful when linking to a paste as a QR code, as you can show first it's hashBin hash, as well as a fallback url. For example:


where URN = Uniform Resource Name, and AS = acceptable fallback source.

mofosyne, Jun 12 2014

Gnutella Engine http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GnucDNA
Perhaps the backend could use gnutella for finding missing paste [mofosyne, Jun 12 2014]




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