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Have Our Way Song

A little halftime hummer in 2/4 timing...
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Permanent name change in comfort food at the end.(Painful realization in unintended pun.)

Any beritones out there?

Candidate for the musicals' cast promenade piece? Oh..WIBNI...?

<aside>I just realized how symbolic the croissant in the fishbone chow comes accross. You can't live on just bread alone... and presented as a simple, once partly chastised food, but now a comfort food embraced in whole after a long journey/days work etc...</aside>

(2/4 timing, "Oh!", starts on upbeat.)

Have Our Way

Oh wouldn't it be nice If we could
Wish our lives away,
The One-half Bakerey way,
Oh, just to be a kid and say,

..."I think I'll have it now - my way."
..."I think I'll have it now."

And in this perfect world we'd like
To tell our bosses, "Take a hike!"
Then we'd all hop on our bikes,
Ride into sunsets glowing bright.

...And never go to sleep at night.
...No. No. We'd never want to go.

And if we had this perfect world
All of our votes would be of pearl,
No pedant insults would we hurl
We'd own every adresses' URL

...On every beach our toes would curl!
...With every boy there'd be a girl!

Alas! I think it's best we not.
Of boredom likely we might rot.
From pools of Carpe Diem caught.
And WIBNI dreams at night begot

...I'm ready now. Fish bone the lot!
...Please take me home and let me plot.

Of days I'd like to wish away
Of silly ideas which are not
Quite half baked ready
To serve hot.

I'm not quite there. I know not how.
Still missing something important now
Oh! The croissant brow in fishbone chow.
I know I'm feeling better now!

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: <arrgghh> XXRodgers and Hammerstein??XX What was I thinking </arrgghh> phooey x

The content is suitable for leading into the second act The mood is true 'whimsical. The chorus joins in singing with the baritone at the fifth line. The baritone speaks with animation at the 6th line and begins with a quick succession of the first four syllables. I promise to come back with sheet music homework done someday.
(no snagging trolls! And trolls, note the time stamp..)

hollajam, Oct 01 2002


       A sincere, Thank you, voters.
hollajam, Oct 01 2002

       You could do a cover of Wouldn't It Be Nice, by the Beach Boys with this.
ty6, Oct 01 2002

       yep, all the way home from work, over and over.."wouldn't it be nice if we were older and"...etc.etc. Couldn't get it to stop.
blissmiss, Oct 01 2002

       ty6, I posted that soon after landing here, and unposted it pretty sharply when I realised how lame it was. My version, anyway.
General Washington, Oct 01 2002

       I know that none of you will believe, especially with my reputation, but I never thought of the Beach Boys song. Believe me, the tune dancing around in my head is closer to being a waltz or two step. I was only just now able to make my brain recall the original.. Honestly, I am embarrased.   

       <tweak tweak..new name>
hollajam, Oct 01 2002

       Oh wouldnt it be nice if the world was cadbury you could surf inside a chocolate tube.... ahh I love that add
Gulherme, Oct 02 2002

       Gulherme, We purposely don't subscribe to broadcast or cable tv at our house, so sadly I can't confer with you on that. But still; pictures of decadence in my mind.   

       One of the things I missed most when we gave up TV program viewing seven years ago was the "barometer" effect of the /best/of commercials as a snapshot of culture.   

       I have never watched an episode of "Friends" or "Seinfeld"...
Please share more goodies like that when you have them. Thanks.
hollajam, Oct 02 2002

       You cannot do a cover of My Way, by Frank Sinatra with this.
ty6, Oct 02 2002

       ...or by Sid Vicious
thumbwax, Oct 02 2002

"Frank Sinatra" or "Sid Vicious?
<..."She muses at the idea of the Halfbakery album as a parody cover ..."

       Missing the boat over some of the suggestions, she runs to google for lurking archives of such album covers. Well under way she suddenly faints.

       She had always known her new association with the Halfbakery was an orgy of potential cathartic drama and art- if only for her own reflections, but the recurring impact from the *mast of the idea's story* keeps knocking her off her feet.

       "Such excuse for digging treasured coiffeurs of music style to represent and developed the musical's diverse bakers!" A theme of her recent pacifying ponders: She comes too with that thought, releasing a post climactic sigh.

       Recovering and moving on, she states softly to herself, "It could be... a... a *'Cats' thing!"   

       Her heart quickens.   

       "Perhaps even ....", becoming week in the knees by inspiration from one of her many favorite films of late, "..A ...a...'Moulin Pain!   

       "Or...Oh my god... a.. House of the Bread! "

       With ebbing vision and spinning head before the balance of her body's weight slipped from the perch in front of her terminal she typed with resolve,

       "...*confirm final choice title/ thumbwax' "Birth Of A Notion"..... </aside>
hollajam, Oct 03 2002

       '1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8 Schlameel, Schlamazzel, Hassenpepper Incorporated...'
RayfordSteele, Oct 04 2002


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