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Hazzard crossing

crossroads with no need to stop
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A busy crossroads where north-south traffic crosses without stopping. East-west traffic is accelerated via conveyor belts to fly above the north-south traffic like the General Lee. turning left or right is a problem,so detours are required. A sort of power-assisted flyover
giligamesh, Jan 13 2009

The General Lee http://www.generalleeone.com/
. [Sir_Misspeller, Jan 13 2009]


       [+] on general principles but how is this superior to a bridge ?
FlyingToaster, Jan 13 2009

       //how is this superior to a bridge ?//
A bridge could collapse, and that would be dangerous.
coprocephalous, Jan 13 2009

       One could adapt this same principle to address problem potholes by simply erecting ramps in front of them.
bungston, Jan 14 2009


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