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Head-mounted book scanner

More portable than most book scanners
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I could have used this today:

Headband. High-resolution camera (~15 MP) with adjustable vertical aim. White LEDs for illumination. Hand-to-other-hand proximity trigger, tongue click trigger, jaw trigger, or foot switch trigger. Optional accessory: laser framing guide projector.

Hold a book in front of you at a comfortable angle (such as on a table). Aim the camera at the book. Turn pages. Each time you turn the page, trigger the camera. (This is automatic with the first triggering option.) The photos can be stored on an SD card in the headband, or transmitted to your phone/tablet/computer via Bluetooth for live viewing and monitoring of centering of the book in the frame. After the photos are taken, you can run them through a normalizing algorithm that straightens out the pages, removes thumbtips, clamps text to black and non-text to white, and generates a PDF.

(Should this go in product: scanner instead?)

notexactly, Nov 14 2015




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