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Headphone Jewelry

No need to be UTILITARIAN about it.
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Headphones, from the point of view of those of us who ooh and aaah over LED-lit computer fangrills, are very attractive. From the point of view of everyone else, they're a weird little bit of plastic.

To make headphone more palatable and, perhaps, more acceptable in civilized company, I propose that variants be constructed out of fine materials, made decorative and elegant. Carve mother-of-pearl into the speaker covers and embed the bland black wires in a hollow silver chain. Add strategically placed jewels.

More expensive than standard headphones, certianly, but isn't it orth it to make something that was bland electronics into an accesroy you'll be proud to wear, even on a semiformal occasion?

gisho, Aug 22 2006

Bling Earpiece http://www.planethe...o8oYCFRMHHgod2xmCag
[DrCurry, Aug 22 2006]

Bling Cell Phones http://www.myblingring.com/
[DrCurry, Aug 22 2006]

Bling iPod http://uk.gizmodo.c...ing_bling_ipod.html
[DrCurry, Aug 22 2006]

Bling Ear Buds http://www.mobilema...tent/100/337/C8926/
[DrCurry, Aug 22 2006]

Gold Earring Headphones http://www.goldinsp.../08/story/17063870/
[DrCurry, Aug 22 2006]

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       Why buy these when you make your own using nothing more than macaroni shells, a hot glue gun, and some gold paint? Like thus: Thunk! Whirrrr kaplank. Squish. Wham!Pthssssss.   

       <stands back to look at work of headphone art>   

       Where did you say I could get these?
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Aug 22 2006

       I'm afraid you're a little late to the party on this one - people have been sticking jewels on iPods, cell phones and earpieces for as long as they've been around.
DrCurry, Aug 22 2006

egbert, Aug 22 2006

       The gold headphones are something like this, I think - picture's not loading. The idea isn't just to add "bling" to exisiting headphones, but to deisgn the headphones from the ground up as jewelry, and *good* jewelry at that, not just plastic-with-rhinestones -stuck-on.
gisho, Aug 22 2006


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