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ear phones that look like fingers
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Most people stick their fingers in their ears to drown noise, so why not make headphone that look like real fingers?

Fingerphones are a set of headphones with imitation fingers on the end of them instead of the usual blobs of plastic. The fingers themselves would have two flexible knuckle joints for greater realism, and be flexible enough to wriggle into a comfortable position. A variety of sizes, styles and skin colours would also be available, ranging from The Grubby Schoolboy to the Female Manicured Model of Perfection. The Horror Options terminate in a replica of ragged flesh with protruding bone stump, and would be the perfect sound blocker for annoying conversations on morning commutes.

xenzag, Dec 09 2005

(?) What I mean http://www.geocitie...ther/handphone.html
Sorry: photo taken by mobile. The drawing itself: I have no excuse for. [Ling, Dec 09 2005]


       [xenzag], I was thinking that once the finger was poked into the ear, then it wouldn't really look like a finger so much. The only thing you would see would be a stump and so on, but no nail.   

       So I thought that if the headphones were fashioned as a pair of hands, joined at the wrists, then the end of the index finger on each side could be poked in the ear. The hands would be placed on top of the head, palms down, and cupping the head.   

       + for the image of someone wearing these while reading in the train during the morning commute.
Ling, Dec 09 2005

       Nice work [Ling]   

       [xenzag] finger bun
skinflaps, Dec 09 2005

       Thanks Ling - had considered hands, but thought too big for easy carrying, but a worthy alternative that I'm happy to share with you. I like the idea of the fingers being carefully removed from their containers (test tubes like holders) in their straight up mode, then carefully preened and bent into shape before insertion, in front of a passive audience. Have made models of them, and they look great, with enough of the finger bit sticking out to register.
xenzag, Dec 09 2005


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