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Hearing Loss Helper

Stop hearing loss
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The invention is primarily intended for the purpose of stopping ear damage and hearing loss from extremely loud noises. It is basically a very small capsule inserted into the ear canal very near to the ear drum. The capsule is made up of a skeleton of plastic the diameter of the ear canal. In the inner most part of the capsule is a small computer and very tiny vacuum or air pump mechanism.At the end of the capsule on the point facing outwards of the ear is a very small microphone that picks up the decibel volume of sound entering the ear canal. The small computer on the very inside decides that if the decibel volume is above what is dangerous, and could possibly cause damaged the ear drum, it sets off the air pump mechanism. The air pump mechanism inflates small balloons on the inside of the capsule skeleton. Thus blocking the sound from reaching the ear drum. The capsule is skeletonized so it can allow normal volume sound to reach the ear drum.
The4gottensoul, Jan 11 2008

A bit like this...? http://en.wikipedia...ctive_noise_control
...but smaller, cleverer and stuck in your ear? [pertinax, Jan 11 2008]


       I can't see it happen just yet. But the future may well hold such devices to protect us from harmfull noise so+.   

       I allready have earplugs that filter out the noise of heavy machinery, yet allow voices to come through. So we can talk right next to a running piece of machinery. This idea is just the next step.
zeno, Jan 11 2008

       And welcome forgotten soul, to the halfbakery. Mine is your first ever quassoint.
zeno, Jan 11 2008

       // I allready have earplugs that filter out the noise of heavy machinery //   

       Do want.
erlehmann, Jan 11 2008

       if instead of capsules, you use peapods, you would then have a serious point of interest, people will start saying, "i'll give [the4gottensoul]'s earpeas a chance". [+]
pyggy potamus, Jan 11 2008

       I'm not sure how a balloon full of air is soundproof. Vacuum, yes, but not air. Perhaps you could explain further?
pertinax, Jan 11 2008

       A purely mechanical version of this, integrated into a standard plastic earplug, has been around since the mid-1980's.
8th of 7, Jan 11 2008


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