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Hearing hands

Talk to the hand(s).
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This is a pair of light-weight gloves which house a microphone in the palm of each. The audio signal is conveyed to an accompanying pair of earphones. By cupping and swivelling your hands you can now simulate the outer ear functions of other mammals, giving superior directional perception than the standard human ear can offer. By offsetting your hands relative to one another you can dynamically tune your hearing function to pin-point a sound source in 3D space.

This may actually be of some use to visually impaired people too.

EnochLives, Jun 01 2015

US 4997056 https://www.google....u/patents/US4997056
Ear-focused acoustic reflector. Low-tech version of your idea. [xaviergisz, Jun 01 2015]


       Another theory for Boquila Trifoliolata based on my EXTENSIVE knowledge gained from reading the seven-line Wikipedia article is this:   

       There is an animal that loves to eat its leaves. Every Boquila Trifoliolata grows every type of leaf, but all leaves except the ones that match nearby plants get eaten. The animal doesn't eat the matching leaves because if it eats leaves of that shape, it will sometimes eat the leaves of the other tree, which don't taste good. This mimicry only occurs 3/4 of the time. I predict that the 1/4 that don't mimic are growing someplace where nobody is eating the leaves or it is growing on a plant that has leaves that also taste good, allowing all leaf shapes to be eaten uniformly.   

       There could be some additional complexity of the plant detecting which leaves are being eaten and not growing as many of that type.   

       If I'm right though, it doesn't really help this idea.
scad mientist, Jun 01 2015


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