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Heat Pump Heater

Heat external coils on a heat pump to transfer inside in Cold weather
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A heat pump works by transferring heat from inside out or outside in. The problem is that a traditional air source heat pump can't heat your house when the outside temperature is too low for it to absorb any heat.

My idea is to have a exterior heat source that will provide warm air for the coils to absorb and transfer inside.

This will be less efficient than just heating the inside air directly, but will allow you to use a dirtier source of heat (like a fire pit or grill) with varied fuel sources and minimal maintenance.

raleec, Nov 13 2017

Composting heat pump http://www.tandfonl...65657X.2016.1233082
Baked but still interesting [mylodon, Nov 14 2017]

http://www.heatmasterss.com/ My dad uses one of...se and machine shop
[RayfordSteele, Nov 14 2017]

Doom Ray doom_20ray
An alternative energy source. [mylodon, Nov 15 2017]

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       Hey, [raleec], welcome to the Halfbakery!
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 13 2017

       I prefer my fire pits inside the house.
mylodon, Nov 13 2017

       With the right kind of wall insulation, maybe you could use something radioactive, within a protective lean-to shed. Or maybe a cellar. I'm thinking of how coal used to be delivered into bunkers without anyone having to touch it.
pertinax, Nov 14 2017

       Sorry but quite baked. Geothermal, external wood burners, etc.
RayfordSteele, Nov 14 2017

       //Has to get pretty cold e.g. -20C to stop a system with a refrigerant.//   

       The problem is that when the temperature approaches that - that's when you really *need* it to work.
Loris, Nov 14 2017

       I've heard of people using streams and rivers for this purpose. If the water's still flowing then it's over 0 deg C, even when the surroundings are colder.   

       Be careful you don't freeze it!
Wrongfellow, Nov 14 2017

       Compost heaps are good for this, and there is a ratio for how many chickens are needed to heat greenhouses of different sizes. (+)   

       The main problem is always lighting the chickens.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 14 2017

       [raleec] Welcome!   

       With standard heat pumps, there is a working fluid. This is usually some form of haloalkane that does some phase changing to move heat around. This isn't difficult stuff when your temperature range is limited, say -30C to +45C, not a massive range. Now, plunge one end into a wood burner and now you have a 600C temperature range. The normal temp range can be controlled but big temperature increases make things expand a lot.   

       Also, if you have a fire, why not run a heat exchanger? no need to actually pump heat.
bs0u0155, Nov 14 2017

       [+] so something hooked up to the barbie, in case of a stupidcold weather emergency. Saves the cost of a furnace, or the inefficiency of a rarely-used fireplace. If you're off-grid you've got better things to do than run a space-heater off batteries.
FlyingToaster, Nov 14 2017

       //The main problem is always lighting the chickens//   

       That's the easy part. I call it, wait for it, the...
<sound of trumpets>
Fresnel Coop!
<more trumpet noises>
It's a bit shady but gets the job done.

       The hard part is getting them to cross the road.   

       There was a chicken in a coop
All day he pecked in poop
Then one fine day
Arrived a doom ray
And pushed him along the carbon loop.
mylodon, Nov 15 2017


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