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Heated Deckchair

heated deckchair
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I have an oil filled radiator in my studio as its sole form of heat. It seems like a strange idea, but it's simple, reliable and works quite well, with the oil filled segments being heated via electricity.

Anyone who follows me here will know that I like deckchairs, so it doesn't take much to join the dots and create a Heated Deckchair which provides a source of heating for those who like to sit outside in cold weather.

Instead of the traditional thin deckchair material, there is now a fabric that resembles a length of underfloor heating before it's covered up. It's through this flexible fabric that the gently heated oil flows, emitting luxurious warmth to the back of the reclining person.

Heated Deckchair naturally requires a source of electricity provided for by either a mains supply or rechargeable batteries. A noiseless heater, thermostat control and pump generates and regulates the oil flow around the tubular matrix.

With a Heated Deckchair you can now have a lazy winter evening lying outside for an extended period of time, as you contemplate the passage of the space station which is often visible on a clear night.

xenzag, Jan 18 2022

Proper deckchairs https://deckchairshop.co.uk/
ready to be retro fitted with heated fabric [xenzag, Jan 18 2022]

one on Amazon…sorry https://www.amazon....1593764905402&psc=1
[xandram, Jan 18 2022]

lounge chair with heat https://www.vetrina...endipity-Cherry.htm
[xandram, Jan 18 2022]


       If it's widely known to exist, point me towards the heated deckchair section in the outdoor furniture store. (not Amazon - I never have and never will buy anything from Bezos)
xenzag, Jan 18 2022

       Not heated outdoor furniture.... Heated Deckchair! Also - don't want any "made in China" crap. So - summing up: No Bezos; No slave labour manufacturing; No Chinese rubbish and must be a heated deckchair. Go fetch!
xenzag, Jan 18 2022

       Picture a baffled dog with its head on one side.
pertinax, Jan 18 2022

       Hahaha - that link is not even a deckchair, but it might double up as a ship anchor.
xenzag, Jan 18 2022

       Now you know the correct name. A sling is that which you put your arm in after breaking it while attempting to wrestle a carrot from out of the mouth of a hungry mule.
xenzag, Jan 18 2022

       Bowing is always appreciated but grovelling is better again. (last link is still not a deckchair) Meanwhile, you must spend hours trying desperately to undermine every new idea on the halfbakery.
xenzag, Jan 18 2022

       I never try to promote any halfbaked idea as being advantageous in a practical way. In fact many of my ideas are definitely impractical and some are quite lethal.
xenzag, Jan 18 2022

       Idea [+] No slave labour manufacturing [-]
Voice, Jan 18 2022

       // The seat would harden and become uncomfortable as the stored heat ran out.//   

       Heat transfer oil isn't supposed to freeze at any realistic temperature. But now I want a (fabric covered) wax chair that will melt to conform to my body shape.
Voice, Jan 18 2022

       [a1]; the "Evia" is (as far as I can tell) rigid, not flexible ("inspired by" a sling chair) so it is not this. The only vague similarity to this idea is the "heated" part.
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 18 2022

       Deckchairs also fold down and become completely flat for storage. Have you never heard the expression "like rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic" for something that's said when idiot ideas prevail in the face of a crisis?
xenzag, Jan 18 2022

       +I’ll take one
xandram, Jan 18 2022

       Your's is halfway across the tightrope ready for you to rest up. ha
xenzag, Jan 18 2022

       So. Craftsman made folding deckchair, hand carved from sustainably harvested local timber. The fabric seat woven incorporating small bore flexible oil filled tubes, filled wih recirculating heated oil.   

       Could heat the oil using IR lasers aimed at a heat exchanger mounted on the frame.
pocmloc, Jan 18 2022

       [xandram]; odd that Coastrail's own website doesn't have the heated chairs.
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 18 2022

       Those links aren't deckchairs. I provided the one and only link that shows deckchairs. (this is why we worry so much about what goes on in the Colonies)
xenzag, Jan 18 2022

       Would that they could have reached.   

       eithe genoimen, etc.
pertinax, Jan 19 2022

       I didn't ask.
pertinax, Jan 19 2022

       Whilst the older definition of deckchair appears to be the canvas and folding wooden ones, it is now updated to * any folding, portable chair * . I consider all the chairs on my deck to be deck chairs, as I don’t own an ocean liner.
xandram, Jan 19 2022

       Do you constantly rearrange them as you act out "house descending into a sink-hole scenarios"?
xenzag, Jan 19 2022

       Don't worry about the size of your deck, it works as well as anyone's, I'm sure the seats that are put upon it are as satisfied as with anyone else's.
Voice, Jan 19 2022

       Well now we must figure out the differences between upright chairs and lounges. The one from the Titanic is a lounge. My lounge chair is on the patio.
xandram, Jan 19 2022

       Lounger, surely? A lounge is a kind of room
pocmloc, Jan 19 2022

       Having one modeled after the Titanic isn't a chairful thought.
Voice, Jan 19 2022


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